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In-Depth Interview: Russ Baker Explains His Report on FBI’s 30-year Investigation Into Russian Mobsters and Trump

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Russ Baker, founder of, details his lengthy investigative report about Felix Sater and other Russian criminals and mobsters with ties to Trump.
The report–which uses no leaks or anonymous sources–argues that the FBI may have avoided exposing its 2016 investigation into Trump-Russia to protect its long-running operation looking at Felix Sater and other Russian criminals with strong ties to Trump.

Comparing Sater to Whitey Bulger–the American mobster who continued his life of crime while serving as an FBI informant–Baker explains how Sater managed to promote business deals with Trump while making almost daily reports to FBI handlers.  Baker’s investigation also exposes how the FBI protected Sater, and praised his work as an informant to judges.

Baker notes that FBI agents who handled Sater now work on Trump’s security detail, and that former prosecutors now work at a law firm engaged by Trump to handle his not-so-blind trust.

This interview covers a lot of ground, and Baker says there are a number of follow-ups in the pipeline now.  If you are able, please support