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PBC News & Comment: Dennis Kucinich Slams Trump and Dems on Syria

Ex-congressman, presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich offers strong comments on Syria, and Roger Shuler gives colorful background on Alabama’s disgraced governor….–in exclusive interview, Kucinich demands investigation into chemical incident in Syria, warns of “regime change agenda” promoted by Dems, Reps and deep state

–Rexxon Tillerson heads to Moscow with jumbled messages about Syria

–Hillary’s Hawks, Mike Morrell and Evelyn Farkas, pen op-ed demanding unspecified “action” against Russia

–Robert Parry calls out neocon Robert Kagan , who views Trump’s missile blast as first step to major war in Syria, says neocons have Trump on his knees

–24 former intelligence officials sign letter to Trump, urging re-think of Syria policy

–Trump channels Monty Hall, tries to squeeze China to squeeze North Korea by dangling trade deal

–ignored and forgotten, the “whatever” war in Afghinstan rolls on, as the latest $100 million effort to train Afghan soldiers crumbles in corruption, loss of territory

–in another big interview, reporter Shuler says the Bentley scandal dropped in his lap, and chides Rachel Maddow for crediting a reporter who tried to cover it up

–after right-wing appeals court ordered review, federal judge in Texas is unmoved, again rules that Texas voter ID law intentionally discriminates

–TrumpCo is re-shuffling tax cut plans, as Dems play savvy defense, linking tax cuts that might benefit Trump to Don’s refusal to release full tax returns

–in rare corporate governance, Wells Fargo’s board orders former execs to repay $75 million for fraudulent sales schemes, critics demand board resignations, too