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PBC News & Comment: No Debate Permitted on Syria Chemical Incident

GOP hypocrites joined by neocon Dems Howard Dean and Neera Tanden in enforcing groupthink orthodoxy on Tulsi Gabbard for skepticism….--former Rep. Dennis Kucinich warns against “rush to judgment” without investigation, but the Beltway has already moved on, because they know

--MSDNC’s Lawrence O’Donnell uses double-negative speculation to suggest that Putin ordered Assad to use chem weapons to divert US attention from Trump-Russia investigation, but PBC defends his rights

--the War on Fake News compounds the problem, as Google buries Mike Cernovich’s commentaries under multiple forms of ridicule and refutation

--right-wing outlet Puppet String News flatly states that George Soros and the White Helmets are responsible

--members of Congress flip-flop wildly, as Reps who opposed Obama’s “red line” support Trump, and some Dems re-write history

--at makeshift Florida situation room, Trump has bizarre group of advisors on Syria attack, CIA and other spooks are out of the picture

--China’s Xi Jinping made nice with Trump, but his mouthpieces slam the airstrike after Xi leaves

--as Rexxon Tillerson heads to Moscow, Russia, Iran and Syria issue strong warnings about future US attacks

--before this episode, Israel has been trading threats with Syria

--listener Ray Lutz tips us to French report about Russian cyberwarrior arrested in Spain for writing code that led to Trump’s victory

--after Palm Sunday attacks killed 44 at Coptic churches, Egypt’s military dictator declares state of emergency, or more of the same

--Gorsuch is sworn in to Supreme Court

--Alabama Supreme Court allows Gov. Bentley impeachment to proceed

--Roger Shuler has the details of how Bentley’s ex-wife taped his secret conversations with alleged mistress

--United’s “friendly skies” turned ugly as passenger is forcibly removed from overbooked flight in Chicago

--Brits who travel to the US face intrusive searches of phones, computers, social media

--Homeland’s season finale was a great show—except that it injects fear and learned helplessness in its fans