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PBC News & Comment: No Debate Permitted on Syria Chemical Incident

GOP hypocrites joined by neocon Dems Howard Dean and Neera Tanden in enforcing groupthink orthodoxy on Tulsi Gabbard for skepticism….–former Rep. Dennis Kucinich warns against “rush to judgment” without investigation, but the Beltway has already moved on, because they know

–MSDNC’s Lawrence O’Donnell uses double-negative speculation to suggest that Putin ordered Assad to use chem weapons to divert US attention from Trump-Russia investigation, but PBC defends his rights

–the War on Fake News compounds the problem, as Google buries Mike Cernovich’s commentaries under multiple forms of ridicule and refutation

–right-wing outlet Puppet String News flatly states that George Soros and the White Helmets are responsible

–members of Congress flip-flop wildly, as Reps who opposed Obama’s “red line” support Trump, and some Dems re-write history

–at makeshift Florida situation room, Trump has bizarre group of advisors on Syria attack, CIA and other spooks are out of the picture

–China’s Xi Jinping made nice with Trump, but his mouthpieces slam the airstrike after Xi leaves

–as Rexxon Tillerson heads to Moscow, Russia, Iran and Syria issue strong warnings about future US attacks

–before this episode, Israel has been trading threats with Syria

–listener Ray Lutz tips us to French report about Russian cyberwarrior arrested in Spain for writing code that led to Trump’s victory

–after Palm Sunday attacks killed 44 at Coptic churches, Egypt’s military dictator declares state of emergency, or more of the same

–Gorsuch is sworn in to Supreme Court

–Alabama Supreme Court allows Gov. Bentley impeachment to proceed

–Roger Shuler has the details of how Bentley’s ex-wife taped his secret conversations with alleged mistress

–United’s “friendly skies” turned ugly as passenger is forcibly removed from overbooked flight in Chicago

–Brits who travel to the US face intrusive searches of phones, computers, social media

–Homeland’s season finale was a great show—except that it injects fear and learned helplessness in its fans