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PBC News & Comment: Rachel “Pravda” Maddow is Obsessed With Russia

New study by The Intercept shows over half her show focused on Russia in past 6 weeks, important stories ignored……–you can read the report here; we’ve asked Maddow for a correction, to give Roger Shuler proper credit for breaking Alabama “Lov Guv” story

–based on new leaks from anonymous sources, WashPost says FBI got FISA court order for surveillance on Carter Page last July

–Rexxon Tillerson talks tough in Moscow, gets face time with Putin after waiting for hours

–in bizarre column, NY Times pundit Tom Friedman has incoherent advice for 45

–Trump follows tweets with phone call to Xi, who agrees to use peaceful pressure on North Korea

–Iran’s mad dog, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, makes last-minute attempt to run for president

–Trump develops amnesia about Steve Bannon, who has been bumping into the First Ego

–following bizarre Hitler reference, Sean Spicer admits he’s an idiot

–United faces more criticism, as LA Times writer David Lazarus relates the story of Geoffrey Fearns, who was bounced from first class seat last week

–EPA wrecking crew leader Scott Pruitt faces angry climate deniers, who say he hasn’t done enough to kill Clean Power Plan

–Pennsylvania judge overturns unanimous jury verdict over water poisoned by fracking, report Steve Horn and Sharon Kelly

–J. Geils, who fronted Boston’s premier blues band, is dead at 71 Here’s one of my favorite Geils tunes