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PBC News & Comment: Rachel “Pravda” Maddow is Obsessed With Russia

New study by The Intercept shows over half her show focused on Russia in past 6 weeks, important stories ignored……--you can read the report here; we’ve asked Maddow for a correction, to give Roger Shuler proper credit for breaking Alabama “Lov Guv” story

--based on new leaks from anonymous sources, WashPost says FBI got FISA court order for surveillance on Carter Page last July

--Rexxon Tillerson talks tough in Moscow, gets face time with Putin after waiting for hours

--in bizarre column, NY Times pundit Tom Friedman has incoherent advice for 45

--Trump follows tweets with phone call to Xi, who agrees to use peaceful pressure on North Korea

--Iran’s mad dog, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, makes last-minute attempt to run for president

--Trump develops amnesia about Steve Bannon, who has been bumping into the First Ego

--following bizarre Hitler reference, Sean Spicer admits he’s an idiot

--United faces more criticism, as LA Times writer David Lazarus relates the story of Geoffrey Fearns, who was bounced from first class seat last week

--EPA wrecking crew leader Scott Pruitt faces angry climate deniers, who say he hasn’t done enough to kill Clean Power Plan

--Pennsylvania judge overturns unanimous jury verdict over water poisoned by fracking, report Steve Horn and Sharon Kelly

--J. Geils, who fronted Boston’s premier blues band, is dead at 71 Here’s one of my favorite Geils tunes