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PBC News & Comment: Respected MIT Prof. Ted Postol Debunks Claims in Syria Gas Incident

Prof. Postol rebuts “proof” of Syrian responsibility for nerve agent release last week asserted by Trump team, sees contrived event….

–read Postol’s blistering report here

–in our new interview with Andrew Bacevich, he supports skeptics, and raises sharp concerns about Trump getting advice only from generals

–in the interview, Bacevich noted the news that those generals dropped our largest bomb in Afghanistan today

–Robert Parry notes that Trump is withholding the “evidence” and introduces new possible scenario involving Saudi-Israeli drone

–Kevin Gosztola gives roundup of skeptics, including former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter

–“alternative” media outlets join the groupthink, as Vice and The Intercept embrace the official narrative

–US airstrike in Syria on Tuesday killed 18 US-backed “moderate” Syrians

–in op-ed, House Democrat Adam Schiff tries to use Trump’s military response to wedge him into supporting intelligence agencies

–Schiff is major player in Trump-Russia investigation; Paul Manafort is reported to have borrowed $20 million from Ukrainian and Trump buddy after he left campaign

–President Flip-Flop says NATO’s obsolescence is now obsolete, US will not get involved in Syria, now says he won’t label China a currency manipulator, and ends his hiring freeze after only 82 days in office

–Trump plan will loosen rules for immigrant jails, which are already cesspools of injustice

–Trump signs law enabling states to cut funding to Planned Parenthood

–keep an eye on Turkey’s referendum this Sunday which will allow Erdogan to get his full dictator on

–it’s tax time, and the Obamacare blues are back…Form 8962 punishes those who get subsidies

–my friends Ben and Eliza are recovering from meningitis they contracted on honeymoon in Maui, details here

–read this: Caitlyn Johnstone deftly satirizes the anonymous leaks that drive the news these days