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PBC News & Comment: Deregulated Airlines Spark Class Warfare

Airlines adjust policies to reduce bad publicity, but ruthless profiteering promotes classism, even in coach sections, enforced by flight crews…–over the Easter weekend, United bumped a couple from flight to their wedding over trivial seating issues on half-full plane

–Delta raises limits to bribe ticketed passengers to give up their seats, and United policy will limit crew displacement of ticketed passengers

in op-ed, Robert Kuttner traces the history of airline regulation and deregulation

–MIT’s Prof. Ted Postol augments his proof of White House deception in claims of Syrian gas attack  and James Corbett ridicules the claims in searing 4-minute video

–as Christians remembered the crucifixion on Good Friday, courts blocked execution spree in Arkansas, as state is accused of deception in acquiring lethal drugs

–results of Tukey’s referendum are contested, as Erdogan becomes dictator for life

–thousands of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel launch hunger strike

–after exchange of threats by Trump and Kim Jong-Un, Veep Pence talks tough in South Korea, leaves opening for negotiations

–Leon Panetta, Obama’s CIA Director and Defense Secretary, says in op-ed that there are no good options for North Korea, because millions could die in war

–grassroots protests around the nation call for Trump to release tax returns, and the twitter goon wonders who is behind it

–in Berkeley, Trump fans staged rally that predictable sparked street fights between white nationalists and black-hooded anti-fascists, Esquire reports

–two different studies of Trump voters show they rallied around racism more than economic angst

–new Gallup polls shows that Trump’s support is dropping

–in Sunday editorial, NY Times lists 15 policy reversals by Trump to date

–federal judge demands to see DOJ investigation into the trial and conviction of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman

–Shadow Brokers claim NSA has hacked Mideast banking system, and that NSA can hack any Windows machine