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PBC News & Comment: Deregulated Airlines Spark Class Warfare

Airlines adjust policies to reduce bad publicity, but ruthless profiteering promotes classism, even in coach sections, enforced by flight crews…--over the Easter weekend, United bumped a couple from flight to their wedding over trivial seating issues on half-full plane

--Delta raises limits to bribe ticketed passengers to give up their seats, and United policy will limit crew displacement of ticketed passengers

--in op-ed, Robert Kuttner traces the history of airline regulation and deregulation

--MIT’s Prof. Ted Postol augments his proof of White House deception in claims of Syrian gas attack  and James Corbett ridicules the claims in searing 4-minute video

--as Christians remembered the crucifixion on Good Friday, courts blocked execution spree in Arkansas, as state is accused of deception in acquiring lethal drugs

--results of Tukey’s referendum are contested, as Erdogan becomes dictator for life

--thousands of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel launch hunger strike

--after exchange of threats by Trump and Kim Jong-Un, Veep Pence talks tough in South Korea, leaves opening for negotiations

--Leon Panetta, Obama’s CIA Director and Defense Secretary, says in op-ed that there are no good options for North Korea, because millions could die in war

--grassroots protests around the nation call for Trump to release tax returns, and the twitter goon wonders who is behind it

--in Berkeley, Trump fans staged rally that predictable sparked street fights between white nationalists and black-hooded anti-fascists, Esquire reports

--two different studies of Trump voters show they rallied around racism more than economic angst

--new Gallup polls shows that Trump’s support is dropping

--in Sunday editorial, NY Times lists 15 policy reversals by Trump to date

--federal judge demands to see DOJ investigation into the trial and conviction of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman

--Shadow Brokers claim NSA has hacked Mideast banking system, and that NSA can hack any Windows machine