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PBC News & Comment: Tax Returns Are Obsolete

Filing tax returns is huge waste of time and money…IRS already has most info, but tax prep lobby blocks any change….–Austin Goolsby, former Obama economic advisor, tells Trevor Noah that IRS already has most of the data we report—they could just send us a tax bill

–this taxpayer is still steamed about form 8962, which forces Obamacare clients to waste time on pointless math exercises

–Dem tactic of opposing all tax “reform” until Trump releases his tax returns seems to be gaining traction, as 12 Repubs now support release

–with minutes to deadline, Supreme Court blocked execution in Arkansas

–despite reduced applications for H1-B visas, Trump will sign order to promote hiring of Americans in Kenosha, WI

–Trump sent VP Pence and an armada to threaten North Korea, but when Pence got to DMZ, the carrier group was 3,000 miles away, in the Indian Ocean

–despite voter fraud allegations, Trump calls Turkey’s Erdogan to congratulate him on referendum that expands his powers

–in complete about-face, British PM Theresa May calls for June “snap election”

–in new, in-depth interview, African American commentator Wilmer J. Leon III tells why he thinks Clinton lost

–in remarkable event, Georgetown University hosts descendants of slaves who were sold by the Jesuits in 1838 to help fund the school

–AG Sessions manipulates crime stats to support his call for new war on crime and more incarceration

–Cleveland fugitive Steve Stephens killed himself as cops closed in, and Mark Zuckerberg makes vague apology for Facebook video of murder by Stephens

–79% increase in searches of phones and computers at border crossings reported by CBP

–ICE is trying to break Obama’s record for deportations by expelling people with no criminal record

–4 years after Boston marathon bombing, investigative reporter Michele McPhee publishes book that challenges the official narrative of the investigation

–little outrage in response the last week’s Glenn Greenwald article about CIA boss Mike Pompeo’s threats to WIkiLeaks and freedom of speech