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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Lost Armada: Lies, Bluffs and/or Blunders?

Allies gasp as Trump and advisors lied about aircraft carrier group that was not actually en route to Korean Peninsula….--false claims by Americans fuel controversy in South Korea’s presidential campaigns and concerns over administration’s blunders

--investigation shows Pentagon lied about Syrian mosque hit by US bombs on March 16

--moments before deadline, Rexxon Tillerson certifies that Iran is complying with 2015 nuclear agreement, contradicting rhetoric from Trump and others

--Trump family’s continued violations of ethics policies highlighted by Ivanka’s new trademarks in China and elsewhere

--Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who led aggressive investigations by House Oversight committee during Obama years, will not seek re-election

--in Newt Gingrich’s old district in Georgia, newbie Jon Ossoff scores big primary victory in special election fueled by $8 million in outside money

--in Fairfield, Ohio, mother of 4 US citizens who has no criminal record has been deported, and first Dreamer is expelled to Mexico

--half of children in California live with at least one immigrant parent

--Evin King is due to be released from Ohio prison after 23 years behind bars for crime he didn’t commit

--House GOP advances longtime Republican effort to limit or deny lawsuits for medical malpractice, falsely claiming it will reduce health care costs

--pro-science marches planned for Washington DC and other cities this Saturday

--Fox “News” makes it official: sexual predator Bill O’Reilly is out

--in child custody case, lawyers for Alex Jones say he’s just a “performance artist” who acts unstable, read Popehat’s analysis here