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PBC News & Comment: Hey UC Berkeley—Let the Right-Wing Bimbo Speak!

Ann Coulter is an obnoxious provocateur who recklessly calls liberals traitors, and UC Berkeley should allow her to speak….–after street fights broke out at pro-Trump rally last weekend, campus cops cancel Coulter over fear of violence, but has has First Amendment rights, too

–in our latest in-depth interview, Pulitzer winner David Cay Johnston details Trump’s 2005 tax return, and why it’s important

–Johnston agrees w/PBC that filing tax forms is obsolete, and that Obamacare users get special punishment

–based on obscure provision in 2015 highway bill, IRS has hired outside debt collectors to hound delinquent taxpayers

–at The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson publishes 4-part megareport on almost 800 “domestic terrorism” prosecutions, many framed by FBI informants

–Bill O’Reilly will (only) get $25 million parachute, as advertiser boycott gets approval from people who want to block boycotts of Israel

–in Israeli prisons, hunger strike continues amid speculation that leader Marwan Barghouti may be next elected Palestinian leader

–protests continue in Caracas, as Maduro government seizes GM assembly plant

–Trump raised $107 million for his inauguration from corporations and fat cats…how much did Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down get paid?

–Cherokee Nation sues drug firms for pushing opioids on native Americans

–Karma is a bitch, federal judge slimed by Trump for Mexican heritage is assigned first case of deported “Dreamer”

–NYC Mayor DiBlasio backs plan to increase taxes on cigarettes to increase cost to $13 a pack

–in California, a tobacco tax funds early childhood programs; new study shows benefits, especially for males

–satellite photos show North Koreans playing volleyball at nuclear base, why do we see these images, but not MH-17 shootdown or Syrian chemical incident?

–Springsteen releases anti-Trump song, “That’s What Makes Us Great”