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PBC News & Comment: “Justice” Dept. Focuses on WikiLeaks, Again

AG Sessions joins CIA boss Pompeo in targeting WikiLeaks to distract from investigation into insider who recently leaked Vault 7…--FBI clamps down on low-level leakers, but brass can leak at will

--in San Francisco, FBI ordered to pay legal costs after FBI went after them for publishing watch lists and FBI memo targeting Antiwar

--in secret FISA court hearing, public advocate argued against FBI’s easy access to NSA surveillance products, but of course the FBI won

--using more anonymous sources and hidden documents, Reuters says Russian think tank memos expose plot to help Trump, hurt Clinton last year

--in 4 part megareport at The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson recaps the sordid record of FBI entrapment in hundreds of “domestic terrorism” cases

--recklessly inserting himself in the French presidential election, Trump tweets implicit endorsement of Marine Le Pen after police shooting in Paris

--“Justice” Dept. sends threatening letters to sanctuary cities, California

--Wisconsin gerrymandering case heads to Supreme Court

--new justice Gorsuch provided the swing vote to approve execution in Arkansas last night

--UC Berkeley cancelled Ann Coulter speech, then offered a date when most students won’t be present, and Coulter called their bullshit

--in our latest in-depth interview, David Cay Johnston details the Trump tax return from 2005 that he received in his home mailbox

--Kelcy Warren, billionaire pipeline mogul and target of progressive activists, will serve on Texas Wildlife Commission

--also in Austin, the Alex Jones child custody hearings are bizarre