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PBC News & Comment: “Justice” Dept. Focuses on WikiLeaks, Again

AG Sessions joins CIA boss Pompeo in targeting WikiLeaks to distract from investigation into insider who recently leaked Vault 7…–FBI clamps down on low-level leakers, but brass can leak at will

–in San Francisco, FBI ordered to pay legal costs after FBI went after them for publishing watch lists and FBI memo targeting Antiwar

–in secret FISA court hearing, public advocate argued against FBI’s easy access to NSA surveillance products, but of course the FBI won

–using more anonymous sources and hidden documents, Reuters says Russian think tank memos expose plot to help Trump, hurt Clinton last year

–in 4 part megareport at The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson recaps the sordid record of FBI entrapment in hundreds of “domestic terrorism” cases

–recklessly inserting himself in the French presidential election, Trump tweets implicit endorsement of Marine Le Pen after police shooting in Paris

–“Justice” Dept. sends threatening letters to sanctuary cities, California

–Wisconsin gerrymandering case heads to Supreme Court

–new justice Gorsuch provided the swing vote to approve execution in Arkansas last night

–UC Berkeley cancelled Ann Coulter speech, then offered a date when most students won’t be present, and Coulter called their bullshit

–in our latest in-depth interview, David Cay Johnston details the Trump tax return from 2005 that he received in his home mailbox

–Kelcy Warren, billionaire pipeline mogul and target of progressive activists, will serve on Texas Wildlife Commission

–also in Austin, the Alex Jones child custody hearings are bizarre