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PBC News & Comment: Details Emerge of Comey’s Uneven Meddling in Election

NY Times goes deep on FBI investigations that led Director Comey to interfere in the election, clearly hurting Clinton….--using a novelist’s omniscient voice, aided by high-placed anonymous leakers, The Times runs lengthy Sunday report that adds new details

--Comey didn’t meddle in French election, but Trump did, and Marine Le Pen places second to banker, technocrat; reports cited are here, and here

--GOP descends to contortions, and a little extortion, to ram through border wall funding and avoid government shutdown this week

--learning nothing from Obama’s mistakes, indications grow that Trump will do his own troop surge in Afghanistan

--violence surged in Mexico over the weekend, as your humble host watched Cartel Land, documentary that profiles vigilantes on both sides of the border; see the trailer here

--blonde bloviator Ann Coulter continues to wrangle with UC Berkeley officials over speech on campus

--on Dreamers, Trump and Kelly say “don’t worry” as Sessions vows to deport some

--The Intercept has two new reports on surveillance: NSA’s spy blimps deployed in US airspace, and Japan’s role in US global surveillance

--in op-ed, Cornel West accurately skewers Democratic party, and supports formation of new People’s party

--Obama, the ex-president, re-emerges in Chicago forum