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PBC News & Comment: Lithuanian Scammer Got $100 Million from Facebook, Google

Facebook and Google are named as the victims of Lithuanian scam that netted $100 million, Facebook reports on its "fake news"...--Facebook releases report on how governments launched and amplified “fake news”, in vague report that downplays the impact

--US drops to 43rd place in global media index, due to Trump attacks

--freed from prison in November, journalist Barrett Brown is arrested just before planned interview with PBS

--meaningless milestone: media flooded with “100 days” stories about 45

--Buzzfeed features 100 Lies & False Statements from Trump & Friends

--The Intercept reports that Trump has targeted undocumented families, not felons, in first 100 days

--no government shutdown this week, as Trump tells reporters that playing President is hard….”I thought it would be easier”

--despite Trump claims of growing the economy, first quarter numbers are very weak

--100 days of Trump, and Teabagger Jim DeMint is out at Heritage Foundation

--Trump, Tillerson and Haley are not on the same page about Syria or North Korea

--Trump says China is helping with North Korea, but China says deployment of missile defense isn’t helping

--200 empty desks at State Dept, Tillerson plans “listening tour” of Foggy Bottom

--Israel is fingered for bombing raid that hit alleged Hezbollah depot near Damascus

--Palestinian leader Abbas tries to use Israel as wedge against Hamas, threatening electricity in Gaza

--those Afghan troops trained by the US after years and billions spent, aren’t very good at fighting, but they know how to torture, Shadowproof reports

--NSA is stopping one of many surveillance programs, restoring a smidge of our 4th Amendment rights

--2 in-depth interviews this week expose corrupt FBI handling of “domestic terrorism” cases, with Trevor Aaronson and Beau Hodai

--Death Week in Arkansas, as 4th execution draws objections to gasping and twitching during 3-drug fatal mix

--in Oklahoma, commission states that “innocent people have been sentenced to death”

--on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah plays the race card in defending Obama’s deal for $400,000 speech to Wall Street firm, as The Intercept exposes how Cantor Fitzgerald execs handled 9/11 settlement money