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PBC News & Comment: On May Day, Worldwide Protests Confront Authoritarians

Violence breaks out in Istanbul and Paris, as workers hit the streets demanding better pay and opposing nationalists, dictators….–Erdogan crackdown continues in Turkey, with 4,000 more purged from government, and bizarre bans on Wikipedia and TV dating shows

–Trump loves dictators like Erdogan, el Sisi of Egypt, over the weekend he invited the Butcher of Manila to the White House, says he’d be “honored” to meet Kim Jung Un

–government shutdown averted, as Dems score surprising wins over Trump and GOP majority, WashPost lists 8 ways Trump got rolled

–Trump hints that GOP will try again to repeal Obamacare, but he doesn’t know what’s in the bill

–pressed on CBS about his claims that Obama wiretapped him, 45 says “I don’t stand by anything”, then abruptly ends interview

–Pentagon reports that US airstrikes killed at least 45 civilians in March in Iraq and Syria

–As Fatah leader Abbas heads to White House meeting with Trump, Hamas moderates its positions; prisoner hunger strike enters 3rd week

–CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling reports threats from jailer, and stretch in solitary without heart medications

–same ugly story, different setting: in Chicago, ICE brutally arrests man who was recovering from brain injury caused by drive-by shooting

–is it legal for judges to use secret artificial intelligence software to determine prison sentences? Supreme Court may take up the issue

op-ed calls for Sen. Feinstein to retire

NY Times editorial shames Obama for cashing in on presidency