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PBC News & Comment: In Disruption Junction, Airbnb Complies, Uber Defies

San Francisco reaches deal with Airbnb to comply with registration law, while Uber fights to block disclosure of its drivers….--Carolyn Said of SF Chronicle wrote both reports, Airbnb here , Uber here

--our Disrupter-in-chief tweets his sweet hopes for a government shutdown

--the former reality star has slippery grasp of old reality, called history, as he waxes how Andrew Jackson would’ve prevented the Civil War

--at Buzzfeed, Jason Leopold reports threatening phone call made to lawyer for investors who were scammed by Trump in Atlantic City casino deals

--Hillary Clinton blames Russia, Comey, misogyny and “takes personal responsibility” for losing to Trump

--FBI’s Comey returns to Senate hearing Wednesday, as Chairman Grassley asks him to clarify inconsistencies in Russia-Trump scandal

--NYPD’s use of facial recognition systems challenged by Georgetown Law report

--Pentagon trumpets reduction of sexual assault reports by troops, but rates of retaliation against victims are astounding

--avoiding retrial, former cop who killed Walter Scott in North Charleston takes guilty plea

--cop shooting of Dallas teen is being charged as homicide, as cops’ story changes and video footage is examined

--former Texas prosecutor is being prosecuted for his role in convicting executed man who was likely innocent, a rare occurrence

--Philadelphia judge orders discovery in investigation of prosecutor who helped convict Mumia Abu-Jamal and later denied his appeals from state supreme court

--Obamacare repeal is stalled again as GOP “moderate” withdraws support

--Kentucky’s last abortion clinic is in big fight to remain open