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PBC News & Comment: Trumpcare Breaks All His Campaign Promises

Hours after celebrating attempted evisceration of Obamacare to fund tax cuts for rich, Trump offers praise for Australia’s single payer system….–we size up the winners, and big losers, of GOP health schemes

NY Times editorial slams GOP for forcing unknown package through the House

–mystery opioid concoction, “gray death” lives up to its name

–Trump’s wrecking crew takes first step to undercut Dodd-Frank, as House committee rejects Dem amendments to move bill to floor vote

–in Sacramento, proposed law to lift binding arbitration in fraud cases responds to Wells Fargo scandal

–the whistleblowers who were fired by Wells Fargo for exposing fraud are reduced to footnotes in investigation

–Senate and House committees get active in Trump/Russia investigations, but they are already hopelessly compromised

–in our new in-depth interview, State Dept. veteran Peter Van Buren recalls the bad track record of State in recent years

–Trump’s executive order on “religious freedom” appears toothless, but panders to evangelicals who selectively interpret the First Amendment; read excellent op-ed by Amy Sullivan here

–in France, Sunday’s election seems to favor the centrist Macron, but nationalist LePen could pull a Trump-style “win”

–in South Korea, voting is underway to replace impeached president

–North Korea launches propaganda attacks on China and says it broke up US plot to kill Kim Jong-un

–in Somalia, Navy Seal is killed, first American fatality since Black Hawk Down in ‘93

–layoffs begin as all US automakers report 4-month decline in sales

–survivors of victims of San Bernardino shooting sue Facebook, Twitter and Google for enabling terrorist outreach, a sad and ridiculous claim

–also commented on: article by Finian Cunningham about US-British alliance against Russia that predates WWII