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PBC News & Comment: British Report Links Bannon to Digital Psyops in Britain, US

Guardian investigation ties Bannon to billionaire Mercer’s Cambridge Analytica, which used social media data to elect Trump, pass Brexit…--our friend Andy Worthington tipped us to this important expose

--Macron easily beats Le Pen in France, as last minute hacking report sends NY Times and Rachel Maddow into deep conspiracy theories

--in South Korea, liberal activist named Moon is expected to win election

--Hamas promotes Ismail Haniya to top post, as Israel uses dodgy bathroom video to undermine Palestinian prison hunger strike

--as Sally Yates testifies in Trump/Russia probe, leaked report says Obama warned Trump about Mike Flynn in Nov. 10 Oval Office meeting

--number cruncher Nate Cohn says polls show Clinton’s numbers crashed before Comey sent October 28 letter

--the hidden poison pill in Trumpcare is a provision which ends the employer mandate to provide health insurance

--Texas governor signs ban on sanctuary cities; in Maryland, legal immigrants blocked sanctuary bill, reports NY Times

--in Maryland case sensationalized by White House, rape charges are dropped against 2 undocumented male students, but they face porn charge

--ACLU sues for details of botched January raid in Yemen

--PBS-distributed documentary, National Bird, is worth watching….here’s a link to the full show

--EPA boss Scott Pruitt fires 5 scientists to make room for industry hacks

--Oklahoma, which spawned Pruitt, has new law with steep penalties for pipeline protesters

--John Oliver crashes FCC website over Net Neutrality,

--worse than Fox, TV chain owner Sinclair scoops up Tribune TV stations