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PBC News & Comment: Patriotic Leaker Chelsea Manning is Released!

Irony alert:  Chelsea Manning leaves Leavenworth as anonymous official leakers flood Washington brazenly, with impunity and Trump loses GOP support…–high-level FBI leakers read alleged Comey memo about Trump meeting to NY Times reporter
–Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) once again shows he’s a constitutionalist, says impeachment likely if memo is accurate
–long reluctant to investigate Republicans, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) pounces, demanding Comey memos from acting FBI Director
–on transcontinental flight, PBC watched cable news coverage of unfolding story, with maddening repetition of Comey B-roll and Republicans on MSNBC
–did Trump commit “obstruction of justice”? Obama got away with it on Gitmo, Wall Street crimes
–Trevor Timm notes how corporate media overlooked Trump’s first comment to Comey, urging him to prosecute journalists
–FBI used fake journalist to gather incriminating evidence on the Cliven Bundy clan, reports The Intercept
–after planning huge cuts to Coast Guard budget, Trump speaks to Academy grads, and feels sorry for himself
–Trump’s visit with Turkey’s strongman Erdogan, and protester attacks by Erdogan’s bodyguards get lost in the news cacophony
–and so does the latest reporting on dead DNC staffer Seth Rich, who likely was the leaker of DNC emails
–Trump’s intelligence sharing with Russians draws Putin offer to share “record” of the meeting
–Trump mollifies Netanyahu in phone call, in advance of his visit to Israel Friday
–the ransomware “WannaCry” was stolen from NSA, and based on NSA exploits of “Zero Day” software code, as NSA whistleblower Bill Binney has warned; Sam Biddle has good background at The Intercept
–North Korea is blamed for WannaCry, but it could be anyone