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PBC News & Comment: Trump Dealt Comey Made-for TV Political Execution

The public firing of FBI director Comey is Trump’s latest diversion, with reality TV optics, including OJ-style freeway crawl….--your humble host, whose radio career was launched by Watergate, notes similarities to Nixon’s failed efforts to kill an investigation
--PBC is perhaps the most consistent critic of FBI and Comey…the firing is overdue, but based on bad motives
--the process of termination and the absurd memo Trump based it on set a new low—sloppy process, pretext for firing is obviously false
--former DOJ official quoted in Rosenstein memo objects to his inclusion, says firing was a “sham”
--Rush Limbaugh claims Trump did this to restore honor to Hillary Clinton!
--Politico and Wall Street Journal report Trump has been enraged by the continuing Trump/Russia scandal
--Comey met with Rosenstein last week to request more resources for Trump/Russia investigation
--the Dems who wanted Comey’s scalp over Clinton investigation had found Comey useful for Russia investigation, so now they are appalled by his firing
--Vice lists 7 ways the move could backfire
--timing was awful, as Trump met with Russian foreign minister today
--most Dems in the Senate demand independent investigation, McCain is only Republican so far
--McConnell pours cold water on calls for independent counsel or commission
--Payback? McCain delivered pivotal vote that defeated GOP effort to invalidate Obama’s methane emissions rule today
--Comey’s replacement will likely be worse than Comey in many ways