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PBC News & Comment: New Special Counsel Bob Mueller Has Checkered Past

Beltway pols, pundits gush over Mueller appointment, but he’s deep in the Deep State, would sink Trump to protect it….–the only critical comments about Mueller so far are from Trevor Aaronson at The Intercept
–Rosenstein knew Trump was firing Comey before he wrote the memo to offer the rationale that was contradicted by Trump the next day
–Obama’s advice about Flynn was only one of many red flags ignored by our dear leader, who knew Flynn was under investigation
Daily Beast says Trumps stays in touch with Flynn, hopes to bring him back after the furor dies down
–audio recording contradicts claims that GOP House leader McCarthy was joking when he said “I think Putin pays Trump” and Paul Ryan’s secrecy demand
–Brazil’s corrupt president Temer, is being investigated, a year after he engineered impeachment of Dilma Rousseff with former corrupt speaker
–FCC takes first steps to kill Net Neutrality
–while your humble host opposed NAFTA, Trump’s plans to renegotiate aren’t likely to address my concerns
–Supreme Court declined appeal of NC voter suppression laws, but did not set precedent
–Roger Ailes, who poisoned the US media with the virulent Fox “News” virus, is dead at 77