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PBC News & Comment: Lefties Embrace Fake News About Trump

Desperate for dirt to bounce Trump from office, Dems embrace fact-free conspiracy theory reports from Rachel Maddow and Palmer Report…--Vox reviews reporting from Louise Mensch and Bill Palmer, who promote stories with little or no evidence

--DC Democrats, led by Rep. Adam Schiff, are cautious about impeachment talk, but Maxine Waters and Al Green aren’t following his lead

--Dennis Kucinich warns of internal coup, as Deep State is trying to take down Trump

--in op-ed, Reuters report that Flynn tabled plans to arm Syrian Kurds is spun as unlikely

--NY Times names probable source of leaked Comey memos about Trump meetings, adds details

--Times also reports that Trump told the Sergeys from Russia that Comey was a “nut job” and firing him would ease investigations about Trump/Russia

--Mueller’s appointment as special counsel is likely to limit congressional inquiries, and take the scandal out of the news for a long time

--Trump’s trial balloon regarding Joe Lieberman as FBI director draws slings and arrows from senators, mostly Dems

--FBI warned CA GOP congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, that Russian spies were trying to recruit him

--Anthony Weiner takes plea deal in underage sexting case, will register as sex offender

--House has not yet sent Obamacare repeal to Senate, as another vote may be required to conform with Senate reconciliation rules, to avoid 60-vote bar

--in our latest in-depth interview, former CIA officer John Kiriakou talks about using his spy training to survive in prison

--dealmaker Jared Kushner slapped together $110 billion arms deal for Saudis, to be announced by Trump

--US arms will be used by Saudis and Americans to continue using Yemen as a shooting gallery, with too many innocent civilians killed

--Peter Van Buren writes about the impact of “moral injury” on our miltary

--NSA’s stolen ransomware, WannaCry, isn’t producing much ransom

--Julian Assange is one step closer to freedom, as Swedish prosecutor drops case

--Alternet posts report co-written by Joe Hickman about Abu Zubaydeh