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PBC News & Comment: Lefties Embrace Fake News About Trump

Desperate for dirt to bounce Trump from office, Dems embrace fact-free conspiracy theory reports from Rachel Maddow and Palmer Report…–Vox reviews reporting from Louise Mensch and Bill Palmer, who promote stories with little or no evidence

–DC Democrats, led by Rep. Adam Schiff, are cautious about impeachment talk, but Maxine Waters and Al Green aren’t following his lead

–Dennis Kucinich warns of internal coup, as Deep State is trying to take down Trump

–in op-ed, Reuters report that Flynn tabled plans to arm Syrian Kurds is spun as unlikely

NY Times names probable source of leaked Comey memos about Trump meetings, adds details

Times also reports that Trump told the Sergeys from Russia that Comey was a “nut job” and firing him would ease investigations about Trump/Russia

–Mueller’s appointment as special counsel is likely to limit congressional inquiries, and take the scandal out of the news for a long time

–Trump’s trial balloon regarding Joe Lieberman as FBI director draws slings and arrows from senators, mostly Dems

–FBI warned CA GOP congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, that Russian spies were trying to recruit him

–Anthony Weiner takes plea deal in underage sexting case, will register as sex offender

–House has not yet sent Obamacare repeal to Senate, as another vote may be required to conform with Senate reconciliation rules, to avoid 60-vote bar

–in our latest in-depth interview, former CIA officer John Kiriakou talks about using his spy training to survive in prison

–dealmaker Jared Kushner slapped together $110 billion arms deal for Saudis, to be announced by Trump

–US arms will be used by Saudis and Americans to continue using Yemen as a shooting gallery, with too many innocent civilians killed

–Peter Van Buren writes about the impact of “moral injury” on our miltary

–NSA’s stolen ransomware, WannaCry, isn’t producing much ransom

–Julian Assange is one step closer to freedom, as Swedish prosecutor drops case

–Alternet posts report co-written by Joe Hickman about Abu Zubaydeh