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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Decide What’s a “Conspiracy Theory”

WashPost, HuffPost join chorus slamming Seth Rich angle as “conspiracy theory”, treat evidence-free assertions of Russian hacking as fact….HuffPost report includes 9 mentions of “conspiracy theory, WashPost “perspective” column uses Alex Jones to dismiss big questions about Rich’s murder

–as Mike Flynn takes the 5th, former CIA director Brennan embellishes his unproven “assessments” of Russian manipulation of the election

–top spooks Dan Coats and Mike Rogers reportedly declined Trump requests to defend the Don publicly, according to anonymous former officials

–Islamic State claims credit for Manchester Arena bombing that killed 22

–Trump’s effort for MidEast peace is rehash of Saudis’ 2002 pan-Arab plan, as if we all think that Saudi Arabia is a promoter of peace

–Trump’s Family Plan approach to international relations is new, bizarre

–Jared Kushner owns low-rent apartment complexes in Baltimore and other cities, and NY Times reveals how tenants have been abused

–in our new in-depth interview, veteran journalist Joe Lauria talks about his new book, How I Lost by Hillary Clinton

–Susan Bordo, author of The Destruction of Hillary Clinton, was unhappy with our interview

–ACLU sues to force Kris Kobach, apoointed to Trump’s new election-rigging commission, to cough up some documents about voting rights case

–Dakota Access Pipeline leaks, already, as water protectors face federal felony charges for Standing Rock protests

–rare, good news for immigrants: 58,000 Haitians can stay till next year

–AG Sessions defines “sanctuary city” and admits that threats to cut funds are very limited

–Trump’s budget is “dead on arrival” but will give license to kill programs, and in turn, people

–as Fox drops in ratings, Monica Lewinsky has an unusual obituary for Roger Ailes