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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Decide What’s a “Conspiracy Theory”

WashPost, HuffPost join chorus slamming Seth Rich angle as “conspiracy theory”, treat evidence-free assertions of Russian hacking as fact….--HuffPost report includes 9 mentions of “conspiracy theory, WashPost “perspective” column uses Alex Jones to dismiss big questions about Rich’s murder

--as Mike Flynn takes the 5th, former CIA director Brennan embellishes his unproven “assessments” of Russian manipulation of the election

--top spooks Dan Coats and Mike Rogers reportedly declined Trump requests to defend the Don publicly, according to anonymous former officials

--Islamic State claims credit for Manchester Arena bombing that killed 22

--Trump’s effort for MidEast peace is rehash of Saudis’ 2002 pan-Arab plan, as if we all think that Saudi Arabia is a promoter of peace

--Trump’s Family Plan approach to international relations is new, bizarre

--Jared Kushner owns low-rent apartment complexes in Baltimore and other cities, and NY Times reveals how tenants have been abused

--in our new in-depth interview, veteran journalist Joe Lauria talks about his new book, How I Lost by Hillary Clinton

--Susan Bordo, author of The Destruction of Hillary Clinton, was unhappy with our interview

--ACLU sues to force Kris Kobach, apoointed to Trump’s new election-rigging commission, to cough up some documents about voting rights case

--Dakota Access Pipeline leaks, already, as water protectors face federal felony charges for Standing Rock protests

--rare, good news for immigrants: 58,000 Haitians can stay till next year

--AG Sessions defines “sanctuary city” and admits that threats to cut funds are very limited

--Trump’s budget is “dead on arrival” but will give license to kill programs, and in turn, people

--as Fox drops in ratings, Monica Lewinsky has an unusual obituary for Roger Ailes