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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Take Up Role of “Thought Police”

WashPost and NY Times play “thought police” on Seth Rich case, deriding all who raise questions, as promoters of conspiracy theories…--Washington Post goes overboard, with 5 stories in 2 days, including emotional appeal from Rich’s family  plus this opinion column and this “news report”

--and the NY Times joins the chorus

--at ConsortiumNews, Bob Parry remains skeptical of intel “assessments" and finds cracks in narrative from Brennan's new testimonuy

--NSA faces reinstate lawsuit over dragnet domestic surveillance

--DEA lied repeatedly about deadly Honduran operation in 2012, report says

--ICE is using Stingray to round up undocumented people for deportation

--in Vatican visit, Trump pays lip service to Pope Francis on peace, as transcripts reveal his praise for Duterte’s death squads in Philippines

--Duterte declares martial law in Mindanao, may extend to whole country

--last week, Duterte banned smoking

--lots of speculation passing for news in Manchester bombing investigation

--TrumpCo plans to privatize public assets like bridges and buildings, and invite corporate investment in infrastructure

--California’s legendary Highway 1 is cut off by massive landslide at Big Sur