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PBC News & Comment: Trump Says to Paris, and Planet: “Drop Dead”

In pulling out of nonbinding Paris accord, Trump taps ignorance and arrogance, invoking fantasies of “clean coal” resurgence, his environmentalism…pandering to ignorant voters and desperate workers, Trump leads US forward into the past

–California Gov. Jerry Brown urges states to back terms of Paris accord, as he heads to China

–Trump signs order that repudiates campaign promise to move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

–White House releases list of staffers who got waivers, exposing the role of lobbyists in conflict-riddled administration

–former FBI director Comey is scheduled to testify to Senate Intel committee next Thursday, unless Trump invokes executive privilege

–Brexit leader Nigel Farage is “person of interest” in FBI probe, according to anonymous leakers

–citing no sources, Washington Post reports that Trump will return Russian compounds in US that Obama ordered shut, a one-sided deal as described

–video manipulator James O’Keefe faces new lawsuit over infiltration of Dem political consulting group

–thugs in Turkey’s presidential security detail attacked DC protesters, and arms sale to deliver weapons to those thugs is being held up

–at Recoder tech conference, Hillary Clinton weaponizes alternative facts to explain her defeat, blames DNC and Russia; Kevin Gosztola breaks it down

–former DNC data manager smacks back at HRC in tweetstorm

NY Times tech writer Farhad Manjoo has some good criticism of Twitter, takes another swipe at “conspiracy theories” about Seth Rich murder

–California legislature debates single-payer health plan, supporters say it would reduce health spending by 18% overall

–at Cal State Fresno, administrator blocks search committee process to hire new Edward Said professor after objections from supporters of Israel

–Tesla fires female engineer who blew whistle about pay and harassment