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PBC News & Comment: Secret FISA Court Slams NSA for Illegal Domestic Surveillance

Latest DC leak isn’t about Trump/Russia, it’s a “top secret” ruling from secret FISA court, accusing NSA of lying….--the report from Miami Herald is here

--SCOTUS issues unanimous decision that badly undermines 4th Amendment by rejecting “provocation doctrine” in questionable police raids without warrants

--White House leak (not about Trump/Russia) indicates Trump will withdraw from Paris climate agreement, unless Ivanka and Rexxon can change his mind

--institutional shareholders revolt against Exxon-Mobil at annual meeting; on the surface, the issue is climate change….but fear of oil market collapse is real reason, methinks

--no new leaks today on Trump/Russia, but Mike Flynn will deliver documents, and Carter Page’s testimony to Senate committee is mysteriously delayed

--respected scholar on Russia, Stephen Cohen, is ridiculed and mischaracterized as “Putin’s Defender” in Slate interview

--US-initiated wars of choice rage on: Kabul bombing kills 80, wounds almost 500 as multiple attacks in Baghdad kill 38+

--US claims great success in yesterday’s test missile interception, but in the past these have all been staged

--GOP is succeeding in killing Obamacare, but appears unable to pass any replacement plan, even the bad one that passed in the House

--White House is drafting rule to eliminate contraception requirement in Obamacare, a regressive sop to evangelical extremists

--at The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson reports on the release today of Brooklyn man who was framed as “domestic terrorist”

--corporate Dems fight to keep the party irrelevant after special election loss in Montana; op-ed by Douglas Williams is here and op-ed by Stephen Thrasher is here

--hands tied, appeals court judge Stephen Reinhardt bemoans deportation of “good hombre”