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PBC News & Comment: Gov. Moonbeam Goes Coastal

Responding to Trump’s plan to withdraw from Paris climate accord, California’s Gov. Brown joins NY and Washington in state collaboration…–France offers asylum to US climate scientists, as all other nations condemn Trump and reconfirm support for Paris agreement

–Trump delivered for the Koch brothers, not his unemployed voters

–Trump ignored science and used fake data to support his political maneuver

–in op-ed, Joseph Stiglitz slams Trump as unenlightened rogue

–Trump asked advice from Fox “News” personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, a proven idiot

–observers report that major Antarctic ice shelf is about to break off as huge iceberg

–Trump opened his Rose Garden show with false claim about Manila terrorist attack

–Steve Bannon, with lots of other white guys, was front and center, enjoying his dubious waiver from contact with Bretibart

–proving that “recusal” is meaningless in GOP lexicon, Rep. Devin Nunes files subpoenas Trump would like in House investigation

–Putin confuses with comments about possible hacking by Russian patriots, as Megyn Kelly and Oliver Stone air interviews with the lad named Vlad

–Hillary’s spin on election laws draws strong comments from Jonathan Turley and Robert Parry, echoing our fresh interview

–most major media outlets mostly ignore the mess in Venezuela, except when they offer biased reports without any context

–TrumpCo helps Sen. Richard Burr (R-Neanderthal) bury the Senate torture report

–James Bamford, top expert on our intel operations, reveals that military researchers are developing pre-crime detection, based on our self-reporting

–in California, state senate passes single payer health plan without identified funding

–the Wonkette post about Ivanka Trump is here