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PBC News & Comment: NSA Ran Blanket Surveillance During Salt Lake City Olympics

NSA whistleblower Tom Drake files revealing declaration in case brought by former presidential candidate Rocky Anderson over Olympics dragnet surveillance…–the report and link to his declaration are at Washington Post

Note: your humble host is on call for jury duty tomorrow, so our podcast plans are uncertain

–Supreme Court agrees to hear a case related to cellphone location tracking

–SCOTUS also will hear appeal of Trump “travel ban”, which Trump has torpedoed with self-defeating tweets fear-mongering over London weekend attack

–with election on Thursday, PM Theresa May is on defensive about cuts to police she made as Home Secretary

–in rational op-ed, Peter Bergen says travel ban is “useless”

–Portland, OR pro-Trump rally draws more counter-protesters, and enough anti-fa hooligans to produce 14 arrests and violent TV footage

NY Times reports “several dozen” March for Truth protesters in DC called for independent panel to investigate Trump/Russia

–based in part on that event, Norman Solomon issues important warning to progressives to reject demagoguery

–in rare moment of truthiness on MSDNC, Andrea Mitchell says Hillary Clinton is promoting conspiracy theories

–in overhyped NBC interview with Megyn Kelly, Putin denies the US narrative pretty effectively; of course, he could be lying

–Gareth Porter offers some important history about Henry Kissinger’s secret back channels to Russia, using a known KGB agent

–emboldened by Trump, 5 Arab countries unite against Qatar, a key US ally in our MidEast wars

–50 years after Six Day War, Israel’s lies to the US are exposed, along with a nuclear option that wasn’t activated; Read Mel Goodman’s account here

–it’s infrastructure week in Trumpville, first plan is to privatize air traffic control system, an homage to GOP hero Reagan

–Pulitzer prize winning historian and author David J. Garrow publishes blistering critique of Obama, read Paul Street’s review here