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PBC News & Comment: History Channel Exposes America’s War on (Some) Drugs

We talk to executive producer Anthony Lappe about 4-part series on History channel, exposing Drug War as failed, corrupt effort….History Channel is airing 4-part series, America’s War on Drugs, starting Sunday June 18 at 9pm EDT click here for info and episode 1

–tensions build as Russia suspends air coordination in Syria, after US shot down Syrian fighter for bombing IS fighters, according to Russia

–Saudi navy captures Iranian boat with 3 sailors, says they were planning “terrorist act”

–Mexico has been using spyware intended for drug cartels on journalists and government critics

–special election in Georgia is most expensive House race ever, and to—moderate Dem John Ossoff is being mischaracterized as San Francisco liberal, see TV spot below

–Greg Palast finds many voter suppression schemes in play, including “interstate crosscheck”; watch Palast’s report here

–Dem leader Nancy Pelosi floats prospect of flipping House in 2018, using the same tired pitch: “we’re not as bad as Republicans”

–Republican data mining firm exposed almost 200 million voter files in unsecured cloud storage, reports The Intercept

–Supreme Court protects Mueller and Ashcroft from suits over abusive treatment of Muslims after 9/11

–justices agree to hear first case about political gerrymandering

–ruling in favor of the band called The Slants, SCOTUS allows trademarks of names seen as offensive, like the Washington Redskins

–the cop who killed Philando Castile in St. Paul is cleared

–Bill Cosby jury deadlocks, DA says he will re-try the case