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PBC News & Comment: Afghanistan is Trump’s War Now

Pentagon announces plan to add 4,000 troops in Afghanistan, as Trump delegates decision to insulate himself from likely blowback….--historian/author Gareth Porter calls 16-year Afghan conflict a “war for the war system itself”

--bedeviled by new leaks about Special Counsel investigation, Trump blasts away on Twitter, targeting Mueller and his nominal boss, Rosenstein

--squirming Rosenstein issues strange statement about reports based on anonymous sources

--Sen. Feinstein warns Trump not to fire Comey or Rosenstein

--Trump’s private lawyer, Michael Cohen, lawyers up, so does VP Pence

--newest leak says Jared Kushner’s business dealings are being probed

--pandering to Cuban-Americans, Trump goes to Miami to roll back some of Obama’s historic changes to Cuba policy

--activists in Miami block plan to use daily aerial surveillance over “high crime” neighborhoods

--also in Miami, court mulls FBI request to continue suppression of FBI data on 9/11 financing in lawsuit brought by FloridaBulldog blog

--9/11 Truther Alex Jones releases tapes of Megyn Kelly’s pre-interview seduction, and his tapes of the interview itself: who’s exploiting who?

--US charges for 12 Turkish bodyguards draw strong criticism from Turkey’s strongman leader Erdogan

--Roger & Carol Shuler need help to survive, you can donate here

--Eureka radio veteran Tom Sebourn is recovering from near-fatal accident, you can help him here

--even top Republicans in the Senate don’t know what’s in the “Mean Team” healthcare bill, which may get a vote at end of June

--health insurers whine that they lose millions on Obamacare, but overall industry profits climbed 46% to $13 billion

--on 60 Minutes, Google millionaire Tristan Harris warned that tech wizards promote digital addiction, like nicotine in cigarettes

--near Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, WA, reSTART Life offers rehab program that starts with 6 months off the grid; read about it here

—Facebook glitch exposed moderators of terrorist posts to the terrorists they were monitoring, forcing one Iraqi worker underground

--your humble host watched another installment of Oliver Stone’s Putin interviews, and learned much about Russian views of Ukraine, Syria

--at ConsortiumNews, David Marks comments on former top spook James Clapper’s “unhinged Russia-bashing”

--Amazon offers $13 billion bid for Whole Paycheck Foods

--Big lies die slowly: Fox “News” drops “Fair and Balanced” slogan

--courting further damage to broadcasting, FCC is considering removing all ownership restrictions

--caller Terry Philips, former CBS Radio correspondent, refers to his video report on Russia: search for International Focus on Facebook