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PBC News & Comment: Afghanistan is Trump’s War Now

Pentagon announces plan to add 4,000 troops in Afghanistan, as Trump delegates decision to insulate himself from likely blowback….–historian/author Gareth Porter calls 16-year Afghan conflict a “war for the war system itself”

–bedeviled by new leaks about Special Counsel investigation, Trump blasts away on Twitter, targeting Mueller and his nominal boss, Rosenstein

–squirming Rosenstein issues strange statement about reports based on anonymous sources

–Sen. Feinstein warns Trump not to fire Comey or Rosenstein

–Trump’s private lawyer, Michael Cohen, lawyers up, so does VP Pence

–newest leak says Jared Kushner’s business dealings are being probed

–pandering to Cuban-Americans, Trump goes to Miami to roll back some of Obama’s historic changes to Cuba policy

–activists in Miami block plan to use daily aerial surveillance over “high crime” neighborhoods

–also in Miami, court mulls FBI request to continue suppression of FBI data on 9/11 financing in lawsuit brought by FloridaBulldog blog

–9/11 Truther Alex Jones releases tapes of Megyn Kelly’s pre-interview seduction, and his tapes of the interview itself: who’s exploiting who?

–US charges for 12 Turkish bodyguards draw strong criticism from Turkey’s strongman leader Erdogan

–Roger & Carol Shuler need help to survive, you can donate here

–Eureka radio veteran Tom Sebourn is recovering from near-fatal accident, you can help him here

–even top Republicans in the Senate don’t know what’s in the “Mean Team” healthcare bill, which may get a vote at end of June

–health insurers whine that they lose millions on Obamacare, but overall industry profits climbed 46% to $13 billion

–on 60 Minutes, Google millionaire Tristan Harris warned that tech wizards promote digital addiction, like nicotine in cigarettes

–near Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, WA, reSTART Life offers rehab program that starts with 6 months off the grid; read about it here

—Facebook glitch exposed moderators of terrorist posts to the terrorists they were monitoring, forcing one Iraqi worker underground

–your humble host watched another installment of Oliver Stone’s Putin interviews, and learned much about Russian views of Ukraine, Syria

–at ConsortiumNews, David Marks comments on former top spook James Clapper’s “unhinged Russia-bashing”

–Amazon offers $13 billion bid for Whole Paycheck Foods

–Big lies die slowly: Fox “News” drops “Fair and Balanced” slogan

–courting further damage to broadcasting, FCC is considering removing all ownership restrictions

–caller Terry Philips, former CBS Radio correspondent, refers to his video report on Russia: search for International Focus on Facebook