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PBC News & Comment: At End of Term, SCOTUS Drops Stinky Turds

No retirements, as Supremes give Trump partial victory on travel ban, special treatment to religious claims; California gun law upheld….--in surprising, unanimous, unsigned opinion based on no hearings or testimony, Supreme Court ignores arguments of appeals panels in upholding Trump ban 2.0 with some exceptions

--case of Syrian dissident’s political asylum being denied illustrates the incoherence of Trump immigration standards

--with strong dissent from Sotomayor, Court supports using tax dollars to improve church playground, finding bizarre form of discrimination by sandboxes, swingsets

--appeal of California’s restrictions on concealed weapons is denied

--GOP senators send mixed messages about gutting Medicaid, but don’t misunderestimate their greed and cruelty

--CBO analysis shows 22 million people losing health insurance under McConnell plan

--Can Trump be trapped by truth, logic? He wants to blame Obama for Russian manipulation of the 2016 election, but he calls manipulation claim a “hoax”

--Jason Leopold FOIA’s pre-election letter from Dem senators to Obama, demanding action against Russia

--Norman Solomon warns Dems that “blame-Russia” scheme is crumbling

--CNN retracts story it ran last week claiming Trump connection to $10 billion Russian investment fund

--Seymour Hersh adds new info to unproven claims of Syrian use of sarin on April 4, and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern supports Sy, who is blacked out in US

--MidEast expert Joe Lauria warns that Trump’s tilt to Saudis against Qatar could lead to Saudi invasion of Qatar, followed by US/Saudi attack on Iran

--NY Times points out that Rexxon Tillerson is at odds with Trump and Prince Jared over the anti-Qatar moves