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PBC News & Comment: At End of Term, SCOTUS Drops Stinky Turds

No retirements, as Supremes give Trump partial victory on travel ban, special treatment to religious claims; California gun law upheld….–in surprising, unanimous, unsigned opinion based on no hearings or testimony, Supreme Court ignores arguments of appeals panels in upholding Trump ban 2.0 with some exceptions

–case of Syrian dissident’s political asylum being denied illustrates the incoherence of Trump immigration standards

–with strong dissent from Sotomayor, Court supports using tax dollars to improve church playground, finding bizarre form of discrimination by sandboxes, swingsets

–appeal of California’s restrictions on concealed weapons is denied

–GOP senators send mixed messages about gutting Medicaid, but don’t misunderestimate their greed and cruelty

–CBO analysis shows 22 million people losing health insurance under McConnell plan

–Can Trump be trapped by truth, logic? He wants to blame Obama for Russian manipulation of the 2016 election, but he calls manipulation claim a “hoax”

–Jason Leopold FOIA’s pre-election letter from Dem senators to Obama, demanding action against Russia

–Norman Solomon warns Dems that “blame-Russia” scheme is crumbling

CNN retracts story it ran last week claiming Trump connection to $10 billion Russian investment fund

–Seymour Hersh adds new info to unproven claims of Syrian use of sarin on April 4, and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern supports Sy, who is blacked out in US

–MidEast expert Joe Lauria warns that Trump’s tilt to Saudis against Qatar could lead to Saudi invasion of Qatar, followed by US/Saudi attack on Iran

NY Times points out that Rexxon Tillerson is at odds with Trump and Prince Jared over the anti-Qatar moves