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PBC News & Comment: Second Look at SCOTUS Ruling on Trump Travel Ban

Court avoided direct confrontation with 45, but carved out protections for people who were most impacted by Trump’s royal decree….–Brown U. professor Corey Brettschneider offers interesting analysis

–“activist court” made new law with requirement of “bona fide relationship” for entry during ban, as Clarence Thomas predicts lawsuits

–federal judge halts deportation of 1,400 Iraqi Chaldeans who face death if they return home

–hearings begin on challenge to Texas law banning sanctuary cities

–McConnell forced to delay Senate vote on Obamacare destruction

–can McConnell unite his caucus around this deadly package?

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren, finally, calls on all Dems to support single payer

–California’s single payer bill is stalled, doesn’t have funding mechanism

–White House spins up threat of chemical attack by Syria, leaving Pentagon and State Dept. puzzled

–after meeting India’s Prime Minister Modi, Trump considers crackdown on Pakistan, which can destabilize US war in Afghanistan

–CNN fires 3 reporters after retracting Russia-Trump story

–Glenn Greenwald has good analysis

–right wing video trickster James O’Keefe drops video of CNN health producer slamming CNN Russia coverage as “mostly bullshit”

–Brazil’s President Temer, who led impeachment of Dilma Rousseff a year ago, is criminally indicted for alleged bribes that were paid recently

–Google, which is no longer scanning Gmail for ad leads, is fined more than $2 billion by European Union over rigged search engine results

–shockingly, US coal production has increased 19% this year

Guardian exposes Trump defender Jay Sekulow, a former lawyer for Pat Robertson who set up nonprofits that make him and family members rich