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PBC News & Comment: Lipstick on a Shark—GOP Persists in Efforts to Slay ACA

GOP senators operate as “Death Panel”, dialing up and down the terms of cutting millions off health insurance to fund tax cuts….–in PBS interview, Sen. John Thune talks in detached manner, about “dialing up” cuts to Medicaid and subsidies, oblivious to human impact

–in California, Trumpcare would spike uninsured from 9% to 21%, and decimate Planned Parenthood

–TrumpCo announces annoying new airline security theater as Trump travel ban goes into effect today

–Washington Post analysis shows new travel ban would have saved zero lives from terrorist attacks over the past 20 years

–Robert Parry is named winner of 2017 Gellhorn prize for journalism

–Parry reports that NY Times quietly retracted June 25 report that “17 intelligence agencies” approved Russian interference report of January 6

Welt, the German outlet that published Seymour Hersh’s takedown of April 4 Syrian gas attack, shares transcript of WTF chat between American soldiers

Alternet runs interview with Hersh that’s interesting

–Iraqi leader says victory is at hand in Mosul, where IS reduced iconic mosque to rubble

–NSA cyberweapons continue to wreak havoc worldwide, as Dem congressman tells NSA to fess up, and disable the malware if possible

–Trump’s malodorous tweets reach new low in attack on Mike Brzezinski, but they deserve each other’s juvenile taunts

–Trump nominee Steven Bradbury, who refined John Yoo’s torture memos at OLC, faces strong opposition from some Dems in confirmation hearing

–good sign: House committees are rejecting many of Trump’s proposed budget cuts

–ethically deaf 45 holds 2020 fundraiser at Trump hotel

–study shows Dems face big challenge in winning House majority in 2018

–in rare move, FBI agent is charged with lying by Portland grand jury in the roadblock killing of Malheur occupier LaVoy Finicum

–Trump defender and nonprofit scammer Jay Sekulow faces investigations in NY and NC

–Minnesota couple seeking YouTube fame stage stunt that kills Pedro Ruiz