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PBC News & Comment: Lipstick on a Shark—GOP Persists in Efforts to Slay ACA

GOP senators operate as “Death Panel”, dialing up and down the terms of cutting millions off health insurance to fund tax cuts….--in PBS interview, Sen. John Thune talks in detached manner, about “dialing up” cuts to Medicaid and subsidies, oblivious to human impact

--in California, Trumpcare would spike uninsured from 9% to 21%, and decimate Planned Parenthood

--TrumpCo announces annoying new airline security theater as Trump travel ban goes into effect today

--Washington Post analysis shows new travel ban would have saved zero lives from terrorist attacks over the past 20 years

--Robert Parry is named winner of 2017 Gellhorn prize for journalism

--Parry reports that NY Times quietly retracted June 25 report that “17 intelligence agencies” approved Russian interference report of January 6

--Welt, the German outlet that published Seymour Hersh’s takedown of April 4 Syrian gas attack, shares transcript of WTF chat between American soldiers

--Alternet runs interview with Hersh that’s interesting

--Iraqi leader says victory is at hand in Mosul, where IS reduced iconic mosque to rubble

--NSA cyberweapons continue to wreak havoc worldwide, as Dem congressman tells NSA to fess up, and disable the malware if possible

--Trump’s malodorous tweets reach new low in attack on Mike Brzezinski, but they deserve each other’s juvenile taunts

--Trump nominee Steven Bradbury, who refined John Yoo’s torture memos at OLC, faces strong opposition from some Dems in confirmation hearing

--good sign: House committees are rejecting many of Trump’s proposed budget cuts

--ethically deaf 45 holds 2020 fundraiser at Trump hotel

--study shows Dems face big challenge in winning House majority in 2018

--in rare move, FBI agent is charged with lying by Portland grand jury in the roadblock killing of Malheur occupier LaVoy Finicum

--Trump defender and nonprofit scammer Jay Sekulow faces investigations in NY and NC

--Minnesota couple seeking YouTube fame stage stunt that kills Pedro Ruiz