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PBC News & Comment: Trump Gives Bizarre, Candid Interview to “Failing NY Times”

Trump dumps on Sessions, Mueller, Rosenstein and the rule of law in general, as he petulantly complains about the investigations….--read the interview report here

--Sessions ignores the criticism, says he’ll stay

--Trump’s self-proclaimed deal-making prowess fails to charm or intimidate GOP senators on Obamacare dismantling

--Trump’s “voter fraud” commission gets a pep talk from the victim-in-chief

--in rare agreement with 45, your humble host supports decision to stop arming “moderate rebels” in Syria….is this his “secret plan”?

--ExxonMobil is fined $2 million for violating sanctions on Russia while Rexxon Tillerson was CEO

--in new in-depth interview, Dr. Carolyn Suffern, an OB-GYN and medical anthropologist, talks about female prisoners who are shackled as they give birth

--in the Suffern interview, we also talk about how bail laws have jammed local jails with people who are never convicted of the charge; new Senate bill addresses it

--at Nevada hearing where parole was granted, OJ Simpson says he’s never threatened anyone with a weapon

--John McCain has brain cancer, prompting extreme reactions of love and hate

--gratuitous, selective ban on laptops in airliner cabins is over

--Interior Dept. whistleblower exposes retaliation over climate change, reports Kevin Gozstola

--“moderate Zionists” at J Street oppose BDS, but to their credit, they oppose new bill to criminalize advocates of BDS