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PBC News & Comment: Trump Gives Bizarre, Candid Interview to “Failing NY Times”

Trump dumps on Sessions, Mueller, Rosenstein and the rule of law in general, as he petulantly complains about the investigations….–read the interview report here

–Sessions ignores the criticism, says he’ll stay

–Trump’s self-proclaimed deal-making prowess fails to charm or intimidate GOP senators on Obamacare dismantling

–Trump’s “voter fraud” commission gets a pep talk from the victim-in-chief

–in rare agreement with 45, your humble host supports decision to stop arming “moderate rebels” in Syria….is this his “secret plan”?

–ExxonMobil is fined $2 million for violating sanctions on Russia while Rexxon Tillerson was CEO

–in new in-depth interview, Dr. Carolyn Suffern, an OB-GYN and medical anthropologist, talks about female prisoners who are shackled as they give birth

–in the Suffern interview, we also talk about how bail laws have jammed local jails with people who are never convicted of the charge; new Senate bill addresses it

–at Nevada hearing where parole was granted, OJ Simpson says he’s never threatened anyone with a weapon

–John McCain has brain cancer, prompting extreme reactions of love and hate

–gratuitous, selective ban on laptops in airliner cabins is over

–Interior Dept. whistleblower exposes retaliation over climate change, reports Kevin Gozstola

–“moderate Zionists” at J Street oppose BDS, but to their credit, they oppose new bill to criminalize advocates of BDS