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PBC News & Comment: Outside of Obamacare Battle, Dems Back Some Bad GOP Ideas

GOP effort to kill Obamacare collapses, but Trump will use other tools to undermine it, leaving millions uncertain about 2018 coverage….–female Republican senators who were excluded from the secret drafting of Senate bill were the ultimate deciders

–despite apparent gridlock and partisan heat, Dems are working with Republicans to promote Neocon agendas, reports Glenn Greenwald

–Harvard launches project to “defend digital democracy” to be led by Clinton campaign manager Robby “Blame Russia” Mook, and Romney advisor, details here

–Dems support dangerous AIPAC bill that would criminalize BDS; primary sponsor Ben Cardin (D-MD) claims ignorance of stiff penalties in his bill

–Radiohead defies critics, plays concert in Israel

–in Paris, Netanyahu undercuts Trump-Putin cease-fire in Syria, pressing for wider war and takedown of Assad, reports Robert Parry

–unaware of hot mike, Netanyahu admits Israel has targeted and hit Iranian fighters in Syria “dozens of times”

–heavily influenced by Israel, Trump imposes new sanctions on Iran, hours after certifying Iranian compliance with nuclear agreement

-details emerge on Saudi palace infighting in recent promotion of Salman’s son

–Democratic lawyers sue Trump campaign, alleging that DNC leaks caused injury to individuals

–confirmation surfaces of second Trump-Putin exchange at G20 dinners in Hamburg

–only one American politician is more unpopular than Trump, and that would be Hillary Clinton

–Jeff Sessions revives ugly, illegal asset seizure programs that HBO’s John Oliver helped expose

–Jerry Brown’s flawed cap and trade bills pass with—surprise!– a few Republican votes

–in payback for cap and trade vote, Assembly GOP leader’s affair with his predecessor is exposed by fellow Republican

–2 California counties sue big oil companies for continuing to exploit oil, 50 years after their scientists first warned of warming due to carbon emissions

–in Pennsylvania, a group of Catholic nuns, inspired in part by Standing Rock, are last obstacle to major pipeline project

–listener John Zweibel tips us that Minnesota farmers are going bankrupt due to drought and other factors

–CORRECTION: the story mentioned Friday about retired CIA agent who confessed to role in demolition of WTC 7 appears to be false