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PBC News & Comment: Trump Expected To Sign New Sanctions for Russia

Handcuffed by Deep State, Dems and evidence-free Trump/Russia Scandal, Trump signals he’ll sign new sanctions bill, escalating tensions….--Crown Prince Jared testifies privately, as statement denies collusion, secret back channel, seeking loans from Russians, or that he knew about Clinton dirt from Russia

--Guardian reporter notes Kushner’s excuses, which raise questions about his qualifications for the tasks he’s been given

--Guardian reports on Kushner deals with Russian oligarch Leviev, who was represented by Veselnitskaya

--Jared and Ivanka have pretended to divest from family businesses, but still directly profit from them

--latest tweets from 45 aimed at Sessions, Clinton and Schiff

--Intel veterans issue first open letter to Trump, with evidence that DNC leak—not Russian hack—occurred 3 weeks earlier than reported

--new Pentagon study says US dominance is fraying, collapsing; remedies include more surveillance, propaganda, military expansionism

--breaking campaign pledge to send new terrorism suspects to Gitmo, Irish-Algerian is arraigned in Philadelphia

--new State Dept. annual terrorism report says Israel is to blame for attacks by Palestinians, triggering Zionist outrage

--violent weekend in Jerusalem following Israel’s installation of metal detectors at holy sites

--in surprise move, Poland’s right-wing president vetoes bill that would’ve given him control over the courts

--NY Times demands apology from Fox “News” for false claim that Times story in 2015 foiled plan to kill Islamic state’s al-Baghdadi

--Berkeley’s “Free Speech Radio” KPFA denies free speech to atheist Richard Dawkins