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PBC News & Comment: Trump Expected To Sign New Sanctions for Russia

Handcuffed by Deep State, Dems and evidence-free Trump/Russia Scandal, Trump signals he’ll sign new sanctions bill, escalating tensions….–Crown Prince Jared testifies privately, as statement denies collusion, secret back channel, seeking loans from Russians, or that he knew about Clinton dirt from Russia

Guardian reporter notes Kushner’s excuses, which raise questions about his qualifications for the tasks he’s been given

Guardian reports on Kushner deals with Russian oligarch Leviev, who was represented by Veselnitskaya

–Jared and Ivanka have pretended to divest from family businesses, but still directly profit from them

–latest tweets from 45 aimed at Sessions, Clinton and Schiff

–Intel veterans issue first open letter to Trump, with evidence that DNC leak—not Russian hack—occurred 3 weeks earlier than reported

–new Pentagon study says US dominance is fraying, collapsing; remedies include more surveillance, propaganda, military expansionism

–breaking campaign pledge to send new terrorism suspects to Gitmo, Irish-Algerian is arraigned in Philadelphia

–new State Dept. annual terrorism report says Israel is to blame for attacks by Palestinians, triggering Zionist outrage

–violent weekend in Jerusalem following Israel’s installation of metal detectors at holy sites

–in surprise move, Poland’s right-wing president vetoes bill that would’ve given him control over the courts

NY Times demands apology from Fox “News” for false claim that Times story in 2015 foiled plan to kill Islamic state’s al-Baghdadi

–Berkeley’s “Free Speech Radio” KPFA denies free speech to atheist Richard Dawkins