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PBC News & Comment: In Promoting Trump/Russia Scandal, Dems Willing to Risk War

In latest PBC in-depth interview, author Dan Kovalik says Democrats put trust in intel agencies that have repeatedly lied to us…–Kovalik joins Norman Solomon in criticizing Rep. Barbara Lee—a heroine of the anti-war left—for denouncing Trump’s meeting with Putin

–House expected to pass sanctions bill that corners Trump on Russia

–former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort talks to Senate investigators, public testimony is in doubt

–John McCain leaves sick bed to join Senate vote that opens debate on Obamacare destruction

–pandering to crowd of young Americans in brown shirts, Trump rambles and offends in speech to Boy Scouts

–Trump continues to hammer Jeff Sessions, as Beauregard digs his heels in

–45 also hammers Washington Post in tweets about Clinton and Syria covert ops

–Jordan releases video that shows 3 American soldiers were intentionally killed by Jordanian soldier while on covert duty training Syrian “moderate” fighters

–Dem leaders Schumer and Pelosi unveil rebranding effort that packages the same lame policies that Clinton ran on

–Oakland man is charged with attempting to support terrorism after telling undercover agents of some hair-brained ideas that he never acted on, in this public radio report

–Israel bows to criticism, removes metal detectors at Jerusalem holy sites

–after ACLU protests, senators agree to amend Israel BDS bill

–federal judge blocks deportation of hundreds of Iraqi Christians

–Pentagon critic Bill Hartung breaks down our trillion dollar defense budget

–new forensic study of the brains of deceased NFL players show that 99% had traumatic injuries

–Joe Hickman’s work to expose the dangers of military burn pits in Iraq leads to profile of Iraq vet in Long Beach with deadly cancer and other ailments

–in 3-strikes appeal, California Supreme Court upholds conviction of man who robbed Radio Shack for $400, a “nonviolent offense committed in a violent manner”