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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Leader Bans Trans in Military, Taunts Sessions

Exposing his inner dictator, Trump tweets decree banning transgenders in military as he continues attacks on his creepy attorney general…–Trump ignores Pentagon reports showing transgender personnel are not a burden or disruption, as he falsely asserts in pandering to evangelical extremists

–Dems pounce as Pentagon and GOP lawmakers are caught by surprise

–in same vein, Trump administration has abruptly aborted funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs in favor of failed “abstinence” training

–new spin doctor Scaramucci shifts to Goebbels mode, threatening to purge leakers and others found to be disloyal

–it’s not easy for your humble host to defend a turd like Sessions, but Trump’s repeated public attacks show his ignorance and tenuous grasp of facts

–desperate to please the Stern Father, Sessions makes new threats to punish sanctuary cities

–signaling his disgust with Donald’s bullying of Jefferson, Rexxon Tillerson runs home to Texas after leaking his threats to resign

–as White House advisors fight over Afghanistan, Trump leans toward profiteering by handing the war to Dyncorp mercenaries, and considering grabbing minerals

–House approves new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea in veto-proof vote

–GOP won vote to debate Obamacare repeal by bare minimum, enabled by the “maverick” hypocrite, John McCain

–first repeal vote falls way short of GOP hopes, process may produce nothing but chaos

–in major setback for victims of military burn pits, federal judge dismisses class action suit against contractor KBR, declares military decisions immune from courts

–Israel denies entry to American interfaith leaders because they support BDS

–Snopes, the fact-checking website that isn’t always right, crowdfunds $500,000 in one day, but can we believe the Snopes version of its legal conflict? Read NY Times report here