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PBC News & Comment: Media Blackout on Wasserman-Schultz IT Investigation

Corporate media outlets ignore arrest of Wasserman-Schultz IT staffer Imran Awan, who was arrested at Dulles before flight to Pakistan–pro-Trump Daily Caller digs up digital dirt on Wasserman-Schultz hires at center of investigation

Buzzfeed recaps the story, but undermines credibility with repeated use of “conspiracy theory” tag

–Trump’s decree-by-tweet that trannies can’t serve in the military was a cynical ploy to win budget votes from hawkish, insecure Republicans

–my Facebook and family friend, Clark Bactad, made a strong statement

–in NY Times op-ed, Chelsea Manning talks back to Trump

–Jeff “Beleaguered Beauregard” Sessions files arguments asserting that major civil rights law doesn’t cover sexual orientation

–new White House mob enforcer Anthony Scaramucci follows Trump’s lead in juvenile Twitter attacks, with Reince Priebus as the target

–Steve Bannon reportedly advocates for 44% top tax bracket, and wants to regulate Google and Facebook as utilities

–GOP Senate death march for Obamacare faces hurdles from health insurance lobby as Trump threatens Alaska’s Murkowski, again

–in probable headfake, Trump threatens to veto new sanctions on Russia to make them even tougher

–Trump issues instant sanctions on Maduro government in Venezuela

–former Sen. Sam Brownback, who has wrecked Kansas as its governor, is rescued by Trump, named to lead religious freedom office at State Dept.

–Netanyahu relents on security measures at al Aqsa Mosque, as he threatens to expel al Jazeera from Israel