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PBC News & Comment: Did Trump Create New Evidence of Obstruction?

Newest anonymous leak from administration says Trump personally dictated misleading statement first used by Don. Jr regarding meeting with Russians….--Washington Post claims presidential advisors as source that 45 dictated the spin for Don Jr. on return flight from G20 summit

--new lawsuit says Spicer met with investigator and reviewed Fox report on Seth Rich/DNC leak connections, then lied about it at press briefing

--both Washington Post and Buzzfeed want readers to know that any suggestion that Seth Rich was involved in leaks is “fake conspiracy theory”

--GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley, chair of Judiciary, asks Justice Dept if they are investigating Clinton campaign’s oppo research from Ukraine on Manafort

--GOP lawyer demands House ethics investigation of Rep. Debbi Wasserman Schultz regarding IT employee Iram Awan and his family

--in fresh interview about Venezuelan election, international poll monitor Dan Kovalik offers different perspective from US media, challenges “dictator” claims

--Maduro government jails 2 opposition leaders who’d been under house arrest

--in Brazil, lower house will vote on impeachment of Michel Temer tomorrow, the second impeachment process in a year

--Chris Christie’s opioid commission offers initial recommendations, including a state of emergency

--Newsweek speculates about reactions if Trump tries to declare martial law or a similar state of emergency

--in response to NATO maneuvers, Russia plans to put 100,000 troops on its western border for war games

--in strong editorial, NY Times tells Trump to stop the bluster on North Korea

--Vice reports Pentagon has plans to arm Ukraine

--at, Jason Ditz reports that “all options” are being considered for Afghanistan, including full withdrawal

--federal judge blocks Alabama’s parental consent for abortion process, which puts a pregnant teen on trial

--in Guardian op-ed, Jamie Peck correctly notes that Dems have dropped support for abortion rights in “Better Deal”

--in Arizona, Joe Arpaio is convicted of contempt for lawbreaking as longtime sheriff