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PBC News & Comment: Did Trump Create New Evidence of Obstruction?

Newest anonymous leak from administration says Trump personally dictated misleading statement first used by Don. Jr regarding meeting with Russians….Washington Post claims presidential advisors as source that 45 dictated the spin for Don Jr. on return flight from G20 summit

–new lawsuit says Spicer met with investigator and reviewed Fox report on Seth Rich/DNC leak connections, then lied about it at press briefing

–both Washington Post and Buzzfeed want readers to know that any suggestion that Seth Rich was involved in leaks is “fake conspiracy theory”

–GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley, chair of Judiciary, asks Justice Dept if they are investigating Clinton campaign’s oppo research from Ukraine on Manafort

–GOP lawyer demands House ethics investigation of Rep. Debbi Wasserman Schultz regarding IT employee Iram Awan and his family

–in fresh interview about Venezuelan election, international poll monitor Dan Kovalik offers different perspective from US media, challenges “dictator” claims

–Maduro government jails 2 opposition leaders who’d been under house arrest

–in Brazil, lower house will vote on impeachment of Michel Temer tomorrow, the second impeachment process in a year

–Chris Christie’s opioid commission offers initial recommendations, including a state of emergency

Newsweek speculates about reactions if Trump tries to declare martial law or a similar state of emergency

–in response to NATO maneuvers, Russia plans to put 100,000 troops on its western border for war games

–in strong editorial, NY Times tells Trump to stop the bluster on North Korea

Vice reports Pentagon has plans to arm Ukraine

–at, Jason Ditz reports that “all options” are being considered for Afghanistan, including full withdrawal

–federal judge blocks Alabama’s parental consent for abortion process, which puts a pregnant teen on trial

–in Guardian op-ed, Jamie Peck correctly notes that Dems have dropped support for abortion rights in “Better Deal”

–in Arizona, Joe Arpaio is convicted of contempt for lawbreaking as longtime sheriff