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PBC News & Comment: Another FBI Director Confirmed, Unchallenged

Once again, the Senate has failed to examine lawbreaking, rogue behavior by FBI, as Chris Wray is confirmed in 92-5 vote…--welcome to new podcast listeners who read PBC's op-ed in The Chronicle today

---leaked audio of Seymour Hersh adds new, unproven info on Seth Rich, DNC leaks and origins of the Trump/Russia narrative

--at Counterpunch, Mike Whitney offers the skeptic’s scenario: “the Russia hacking story is pure bunkum”

--at DefCon hackers’ convention, every voting system was hacked within hours, Bradblog reports

--our San Diego ally, Ray Lutz, has filed suit to examine primary ballots from 2016

--White House confirms Trump was involved in drafting Junior’s misleading statement about meeting with Russians

--Trump squirms as he signs new sanctions law for Iran, North Korea and Russia

--German economic minister rips US sanctions on Russia, sees it as ploy to replace Russian natural gas with American exports

--in coordinated comments, Tillerson and Commerce Secretary Ross threaten trade war with China unless it intervenes in North Korea

--Pentagon inspector general reports we flushed another half billion dollars down drains in Afghanistan

--Bernie Sanders rolls out media messages in advance of introduction of new single payer bill

--California exchange announces rate hikes for Obamacare, with possible 3% surcharge due to Trump’s efforts to kill it

--some GOP legislators ignore Trump, call for stabilizing insurance markets