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PBC News & Comment: Leaked Phone Transcripts Prove Trump’s an Idiot

Washington Post prints transcripts of Trump’s January phone calls with leaders of Mexico, Australia exposing Trump’s insecurity, myopia, ignorance and arrogance….--you can read the transcripts here, and see how White House misled on these calls

--Trump endorsed “merit-based” immigration plan that is clearly class-based

--the orange tweeter blames Congress for frosty relations with Russia

--2 different bipartisan Senate bills would block Trump from firing Mueller

--at ConsortiumNews, Robert Parry exposes the Magnitsky Myth and dents the credibility of William Browder, American billionaire

--Caitlin Johnstone says Sy Hersh owes the world an explanation

--listener Fredbo comments on Hersh and Seth Rich case

--CIA mourns Trump’s shutdown of covert program arming Syrian “moderates”, biggest covert op since mujahedeen war in 1980’s Afghanistan

--in new, in-depth interview, enviro scientist Greg Karras reveals the real, tawdry story of Gov. Jerry Brown’s cap and trade extension

--Scott Pruitt’s EPA wrecking crew dealt setbacks by 2 different federal court cases

--departing EPA exec exposes the real work at EPA today, responding to industry wishes for regulation rollbacks

--Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) bucks AIPAC, withdraws support from anti-BDS bill

--Bernie Sanders speaks up for Mississippi workers at Nissan plant who are fighting to unionize