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PBC News & Comment: Leaked Phone Transcripts Prove Trump’s an Idiot

Washington Post prints transcripts of Trump’s January phone calls with leaders of Mexico, Australia exposing Trump’s insecurity, myopia, ignorance and arrogance….–you can read the transcripts here, and see how White House misled on these calls

–Trump endorsed “merit-based” immigration plan that is clearly class-based

–the orange tweeter blames Congress for frosty relations with Russia

–2 different bipartisan Senate bills would block Trump from firing Mueller

–at ConsortiumNews, Robert Parry exposes the Magnitsky Myth and dents the credibility of William Browder, American billionaire

–Caitlin Johnstone says Sy Hersh owes the world an explanation

–listener Fredbo comments on Hersh and Seth Rich case

–CIA mourns Trump’s shutdown of covert program arming Syrian “moderates”, biggest covert op since mujahedeen war in 1980’s Afghanistan

–in new, in-depth interview, enviro scientist Greg Karras reveals the real, tawdry story of Gov. Jerry Brown’s cap and trade extension

–Scott Pruitt’s EPA wrecking crew dealt setbacks by 2 different federal court cases

–departing EPA exec exposes the real work at EPA today, responding to industry wishes for regulation rollbacks

–Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) bucks AIPAC, withdraws support from anti-BDS bill

–Bernie Sanders speaks up for Mississippi workers at Nissan plant who are fighting to unionize