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PBC News & Comment: Fraud Conviction for America’s Most Hated “Pharma Bro”

Martin Shkreli, the young greedster who jacked up AIDS drug price by 5000%, is convicted of defrauding investors, faces prison…..--federal appeals court throws out sentences of Blackwater merceneries for killing spree in 2007 that left 31 Iraqi civilians dead

--special counsel Mueller has set up grand jury in DC, new leak reports

--following orders from Tweeter-in-Chief, AG Sessions announces crackdown on leakers, and possibly the journalists they leaked to

--Sessions also threatens action against states with legal weed

--methadone is critical for weaning opioid addicts, but NY Times reports only 1% of the nation’s jails permit it

--Trump basks in the adulation of West Virginia fans, as Gov. Jimmy Justice bolts Dems and joins GOP

--Trump promotes the cruel hoax of coal industry recovery, as workplace deaths of miners surge

--Trump’s tweet banning trannies in the military gets no support from military leaders, because it’s based on bullshit

--Washington Post exposes Steve Bannon’s role as investor and executive in online gaming company that illegally sold virtual “gold” for cash

--our interview with international election monitor Dan Kovalik gave perspectives on Venezuela that contradict US media propaganda

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola shows complicity of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch in blaming Maduro for violence by opposition

--as Congress takes a break from doing nothing, Mike Pence will meet with the Koch brothers and rich pals to scheme about “tax reform”

--beware of conservative Dems colluding with GOP on tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy

--Google’s war on “fake news” produces major drops in web traffic to lefty independent media sites