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PBC News & Comment: Trump Launches “Real News” Propaganda Show

Not content to tweet around the mainstream media, Trump launches new happy-talk show aimed at his base, hosted by Kayleigh McEnany….NY Times reports that Trump bullshits 69% of the time

–45 is on a “working vacation” but he’s still tweeting, and still lying

–in thoughtful analysis, Glenn Greenwald presents’ the Hobson’s choice: Trump’s agenda, or Deep State control

–The Wrecking Crew’s Interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, has rolled back rates and rules for coal mining on public lands

–in Israel, Netanyahu faces widening investigation into bribery and graft

–Israel boots al Jazeera reporters, works to shut down distribution

–Democratic Socialists of America embrace BDS, but not Bernie Sanders

–North Korea rejects UN sanctions, says it will not negotiate away nukes and missiles

Washington state’s governor and AG says Jeff Sessions uses “incomplete and unreliable” information on medical and adult use marijuana

NY Times crusades for new laws to force prosecutors to share info with defense

–recent Times report revealed case of Memphis woman falsely convicted of murdering her mother by prosecution that withheld evidence