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PBC News & Comment: Sinclair, TV Station Chain, Is More Dangerous Than Fox

Trump’s FCC uses obsolete “UHF discount” to bend rules, allowing alt-right Sinclair to reach 72% of households despite 39% cap ….–read Politico’s report here

–state insurance commissioners struggle to make healthcare markets work, as threat of subsidy cuts remains and Anthem pulls out of some exchanges

–Mel Goodman has warned us about politicization at CIA, NY Times profile of Mike Pompeo shows he is political to the core

–2 staffers of House Intelligence went to London to contact dossier writer Christopher Steele, without approval from top GOP and Dem members

–at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria recaps the Seth Rich speculation, and confirms it was Seymour Hersh on the tape we played here last week

–in new in-depth interview, author Suzanne Gordon and VHA clients talk about ongoing efforts to privatize veterans’ healthcare

–Chicago sues “Justice Dept” over threat of funding cuts due to Sanctuary City policy, and Jeff Sessions blames that policy for Chicago’s high murder rate

–“Justice Dept” reverses Obama position, supports Ohio’s voter roll purges

–US media cheer for coup in Venzuela, as UN blames most violence on Maduro

–London’s Guardian offers a rare, pro-Maduro perspective

–Leaker-in-chief retweets leaked Fox News story about North Korea, then recklessly escalates rhetoric after news of ICBM/nuke capability

–Trump, Tillerson, Pence and Haley are not working from the same script

–latest DC leak is a sweeping climate change report from 13 agencies, amid concern that TrumpCo will block its release

–Dept of Agriculture memo bans use of “climate change” and “greenhouse gases”

–up to twice per day, 45 gets infusions of “good news” to prop up his sagging ego