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PBC News & Comment: Bully Bluffs Bully, Risking Nuclear War

Trump’s allegedly unscripted “Fire and Fury” threat to North Korea is a thoughtless, risky escalation that could lead to nuclear war…–Trump claims that he has made our nuclear arsenal stronger, more powerful, and even Kim Jong Un knows that’s bullshit,

–Little Kim called Trump’s bluff almost immediately, with new threat to attack Guam

–Asian allies respond with caution and consternation

–Texas megachurch pastor issues Christian fatwa, says Romans 13 gives Trump the authority to take out Kim Jong Un

–Trump dropped the threat at a meeting that was about the opioid epidemic, and it appears Trump is ignoring recommendations of Christie panel

–in appeal, Sgt. Robert Bales, convicted of killing spree in Afghanistan, argues that forced dosing of anti-malaria drug mefloquone triggered his actions

NY Times waxes about Bornholm, the island in Denmark that’s the home of PBC listener Jens Ivan Nielsen

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports that the trial of CIA torture consultants Mitchell and Jessen will proceed on Sept 5, as judge slams false claims

–last Saturday in Portland, Sen. Ron Wyden expected a lovefest for protecting Obamacare, but he got an earful over AIPAC’s anti-BDS bill; the report at Mondoweiss is here

–in surprise move, Sen. Elizabeth Warren drops support for anti-BDS bill

NY Times reports that Israelis are contemplating the post-Netanyahu power struggle, as Bibi faces 2 corruption probes based in part on secret recordings

–former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s house was raided by FBI in July

–Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake has a new book that positions him as a conservative with a conscience….can he infect other Republicans?