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PBC News & Comment: More Media Outlets Challenge Meme of “Russian Hack of DNC”

The Nation and Bloomberg demonstrate real journalism, and raise the obvious questions about foundational claims of Trump/Russia narrative….–based on the intel veterans we have cited here for a year, Patrick Lawrence in The Nation explores the forensic evidence that points to insider leak

–even Bloomberg acknowledges the work of VIPS

–and former UK ambassador Craig Murray tells ConsortiumNews, “I’ve met the person who leaked them”

–at The American Conservative, respected reporter Phil Giraldi recaps the Imran Awan case, another possible suspect of DNC leaks

–in fresh in-depth interview, Air Force Academy whistleblower Teresa Beasley tells of retaliation for refusing to manipulate sexual assault reports

–abstinence clearly doesn’t work at Air Force Academy, but Trump HHS is cutting funds for teen pregnancy programs in favor of abstinence-only efforts

–ignoring that North Korea has already called his bluff, Trump doubles down, says maybe “fire and fury” comment wasn’t tough enough

–infighting and backbiting continue, as Neanderthal Sebastian Gorka attacks Rexxon Tillerson’s diplomatic comments on North Korea

–Tillerson tells ambassadors how to dodge questions on climate change while promoting fossil fuels

–bankrolled by Sheldon Adelson, Zionists of America leads effort to force out current national security adviser McMaster, accused of soft support for Israel

–dividing GOP, Trump and allies attack Mitch McConnell and fund opponent of Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

–Dems are infighting, too, as Bill Clinton’s centrist, corporatist Democratic Leadership Council morphs into “New Democracy”

NY Times covers the ongoing battle for Dem state party chair post in California, as “Boss” Baumann tries to fend off Kimberly Ellis and her election challenge

–after dithering, Trump declares national health emergency in opioid crisis

–Cuba is accused of using sonic weapons on US diplomats, one of whom may have been made deaf

–due to Pacific toxic algae plume, scores of sea lions are dying along California coast