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PBC News & Comment: Google Searches for Balance of Free Speech and Diversity

Threats from supporters of fired engineer James Damore lead to cancellation of Google town hall, as controversy continues to rage…–read Damore’s memo here

NY Times columnist David Brooks says Google’s CEO should be fired

–in powerful essay at Current Affairs, Briahna Joy Gray exposes how identity politics are used as a weapon on group members with divergent views

–this week’s other “must read” is Patrick Lawrence’s article at The Nation, arguing that DNC breach was insider leak, not outsider hack

–even Rush Limbaugh is citing the work of VIPS, drawing bizarre comments on Ray McGovern from the former Oxycontin addict

–Trump’s “voter fraud” inquest’s demand for voter files would make it easier for hackers to grab it all

–for 3rd day, Trump continues threats aimed at Kim Jong Il, tweeting that US is “locked and loaded”….reckless, juvenile bully tactics

–US and South Korea continue plans for regional war games later this month

–China ignores Trump’s threatening rhetoric, sees weakness to exploit

–US sanctions and bluster toward Venezuela creates opeing for Russia, which is negotiating oil deal with Maduro

–Israel announces plan to encircle Gaza with underground wall to prevent tunnels, reminiscent of France’s Maginot Line

–in Wisconsin, even some Republican legislators are having doubts about the tax breaks offered to Foxconn for big assembly plant

–sorry, no coverage of the Taylor Swift groping case here

–liberals have no leverage in red Texas, but corporations are fighting against transgender bathroom bill after the blunders in North Carolina

NY Times editorial writer ordered to testify in suit brought by Sarah Palin

–Political Theater review: California man creates inflatable chicken with Trump head, gets permits to deploy it near White House. Two thumbs up!