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PBC News & Comment: Google Searches for Balance of Free Speech and Diversity

Threats from supporters of fired engineer James Damore lead to cancellation of Google town hall, as controversy continues to rage…--read Damore’s memo here

--NY Times columnist David Brooks says Google’s CEO should be fired

--in powerful essay at Current Affairs, Briahna Joy Gray exposes how identity politics are used as a weapon on group members with divergent views

--this week’s other “must read” is Patrick Lawrence’s article at The Nation, arguing that DNC breach was insider leak, not outsider hack

--even Rush Limbaugh is citing the work of VIPS, drawing bizarre comments on Ray McGovern from the former Oxycontin addict

--Trump’s “voter fraud” inquest’s demand for voter files would make it easier for hackers to grab it all

--for 3rd day, Trump continues threats aimed at Kim Jong Il, tweeting that US is “locked and loaded”….reckless, juvenile bully tactics

--US and South Korea continue plans for regional war games later this month

--China ignores Trump’s threatening rhetoric, sees weakness to exploit

--US sanctions and bluster toward Venezuela creates opeing for Russia, which is negotiating oil deal with Maduro

--Israel announces plan to encircle Gaza with underground wall to prevent tunnels, reminiscent of France’s Maginot Line

--in Wisconsin, even some Republican legislators are having doubts about the tax breaks offered to Foxconn for big assembly plant

--sorry, no coverage of the Taylor Swift groping case here

--liberals have no leverage in red Texas, but corporations are fighting against transgender bathroom bill after the blunders in North Carolina

--NY Times editorial writer ordered to testify in suit brought by Sarah Palin

--Political Theater review: California man creates inflatable chicken with Trump head, gets permits to deploy it near White House. Two thumbs up!