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PBC News & Comment: Trump Keeps Proving He’s Racist

After slamming black CEO who quit board in protest, Trump recites scripted comments on white supremacists, oozing insincerity and hate….–Charlottesville police criticized for “standing down” just before Ohio man rammed crowd with his car

–Kevin Gosztola comments that GOP efforts to immunize drivers who run over protesters gives license for criminal acts

–digital vigilantes of the left ID protesters, and Berkeley hot dog shop fires cook who was spotted in pro-white march

–Glenn Greenwald cautions against demonizing ACLU for defending rights of extremists

–beware the “civil rights investigation” run by Jeff Sessions, who has his own racist history

–the race for senate seat vacated by Sessions features all-extremist GOP candidates

–in Oklahoma City on Saturday, another FBI sting busted a “domestic terrorist” as he tried to trigger fake bomb near bank

–lawyers for political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal pursue new appeals over biased supreme court chief justice—who had opposed appeals as Philly prosecutor

–Trump’s week of threats against North Korea alarmed allies and adversaries

–academic report and intel leaks say North Korea is using more powerful rocket motors made in Ukraine, NY Times reports

–Trump’s threat of “military option” for Venezuela strengthens Maduro, as VP Pence visits South America

–Iran responds to US sanctions by increasing spending on missiles

–after writing memo warning of Deep State, leftist plot against Trump, Bannon ally Rich Higgins is fired

–Scott Pruitt has imposed extreme levels of secrecy at EPA

–in fiery speech to NetRoots Nation, Elizabeth Warren stakes out strong liberal positions, and rejects the new DLC, so why didn’t she endorse Sanders last year?