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PBC News & Comment: Trump Keeps Proving He’s Racist

After slamming black CEO who quit board in protest, Trump recites scripted comments on white supremacists, oozing insincerity and hate….--Charlottesville police criticized for “standing down” just before Ohio man rammed crowd with his car

--Kevin Gosztola comments that GOP efforts to immunize drivers who run over protesters gives license for criminal acts

--digital vigilantes of the left ID protesters, and Berkeley hot dog shop fires cook who was spotted in pro-white march

--Glenn Greenwald cautions against demonizing ACLU for defending rights of extremists

--beware the “civil rights investigation” run by Jeff Sessions, who has his own racist history

--the race for senate seat vacated by Sessions features all-extremist GOP candidates

--in Oklahoma City on Saturday, another FBI sting busted a “domestic terrorist” as he tried to trigger fake bomb near bank

--lawyers for political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal pursue new appeals over biased supreme court chief justice—who had opposed appeals as Philly prosecutor

--Trump’s week of threats against North Korea alarmed allies and adversaries

--academic report and intel leaks say North Korea is using more powerful rocket motors made in Ukraine, NY Times reports

--Trump’s threat of “military option” for Venezuela strengthens Maduro, as VP Pence visits South America

--Iran responds to US sanctions by increasing spending on missiles

--after writing memo warning of Deep State, leftist plot against Trump, Bannon ally Rich Higgins is fired

--Scott Pruitt has imposed extreme levels of secrecy at EPA

--in fiery speech to NetRoots Nation, Elizabeth Warren stakes out strong liberal positions, and rejects the new DLC, so why didn’t she endorse Sanders last year?