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PBC News & Comment: GOP Bristles at Trump’s Betrayal

$15 billion hurricane relief package passes House with 90 angry Republicans voting against the bill and their unpredictable president Combover…--Mother Earth is angry, 8.2 earthquake hits Mexico as fierce monsoons hammer south Asia

--in Harvey’s wake, serious air and water contamination results from limited regulation by state agencies and law

--former GOP EPA director Whitman slams Scott Pruitt for killing science at EPA

--Rush Limbaugh, who spent the week calling hurricanes exaggerated promotion for climate change, had to evacuate from his Palm Beach mansion

--9th Circuit appeals court rejects parts of Trump travel ban, as Supreme Court takes up the case in October

--Robert Parry offers excellent challenges to UN report charging Syria with chemical attack in Khan Skekhoun

--former Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano sues Trump over DACA cancellation, asserts that laws are not being followed in process

--Napolitano also slams Betsy DeVos for plan to change rules, and make campuses safe for rapists again

--Elizabeth Warren will co-sponsor Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-all bill

--ATFE slush fund provides cash without accountability

--Equifax credit agency is hacked

--Sara Netanyahu is on the verge of being charged with expense abuse

--prepare for Hillary’s FOUR MONTH book tour!

--Clinton pal and billionaire Peter Daou launches “Verritt”, Drudge for Hillary fans

--Martin Shkrelli faces bail revocation over threats to Hillary

--one of my favorite bands, The National, gets Wall Street Journal coverage, and virtual reality video at NY Times