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PBC News & Comment: GOP Bristles at Trump’s Betrayal

$15 billion hurricane relief package passes House with 90 angry Republicans voting against the bill and their unpredictable president Combover…–Mother Earth is angry, 8.2 earthquake hits Mexico as fierce monsoons hammer south Asia

–in Harvey’s wake, serious air and water contamination results from limited regulation by state agencies and law

–former GOP EPA director Whitman slams Scott Pruitt for killing science at EPA

–Rush Limbaugh, who spent the week calling hurricanes exaggerated promotion for climate change, had to evacuate from his Palm Beach mansion

–9th Circuit appeals court rejects parts of Trump travel ban, as Supreme Court takes up the case in October

–Robert Parry offers excellent challenges to UN report charging Syria with chemical attack in Khan Skekhoun

–former Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano sues Trump over DACA cancellation, asserts that laws are not being followed in process

–Napolitano also slams Betsy DeVos for plan to change rules, and make campuses safe for rapists again

–Elizabeth Warren will co-sponsor Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-all bill

–ATFE slush fund provides cash without accountability

–Equifax credit agency is hacked

–Sara Netanyahu is on the verge of being charged with expense abuse

–prepare for Hillary’s FOUR MONTH book tour!

–Clinton pal and billionaire Peter Daou launches “Verritt”, Drudge for Hillary fans

–Martin Shkrelli faces bail revocation over threats to Hillary

–one of my favorite bands, The National, gets Wall Street Journal coverage, and virtual reality video at NY Times