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In-Depth Interview: Journalist John Nichols Talks About Trump’s Wrecking Crew, Russiagate, Impeachment, More

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The Nation‘s John Nichols returns to talk about his new book on Trump’s team, the Trump/Russia narrative, impeachment and much more.A prolific writer, the latest book from Nichols is Horsemen of The Trumpocalypse: A Field Guide to the Most Dangerous People in America, where he profiles all of the top Trump appointees.

We open with PBC complimenting The Nation for practicing journalism in its recent coverage of the competing theories of the release of information from DNC servers: was it a hack by Russians or others, or an insider leak?  The Nation published an article based on the memo from Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and followed up by reporting a dissenting view from VIPS members and inviting a neutral expert to evaluate the claims.

Nichols argues that while the media and public are distracted by Trump’s tweets and misdirection, his appointed wrecking crew is busy dismantling policies and enforcement at most cabinet agencies.  He mentions many of Trump’s appointees.  We touch on many current events and issues in this wide ranging conversation.  Asked for the most dangerous Trump appointee, he answers “Jeff Sessions”, without hesitation.

After talking about the book, we turn to other areas of Nichols’ expertise.  We talk about the impending rollback of Net Neutrality by the FCC, and how chair Ajit Pai is greasing the way for Sinclair Broadcasting to become the largest, most politically extreme TV station operator in the country.

And, based on the Bush-era book by Nichols, The Genius of Impeachment, we talk about what it will take for the GOP-controlled House and Senate to impeach Trump.