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In-Depth Interview: Reporter Tim Shorrock Reveals How Sony’s Movie “The Interview” Became Propaganda Vehicle

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Journalist Tim Shorrock details how Obama and CIA worked with Sony to shape Seth Rogan’s movie The Interview into a vehicle for US propaganda.Shorrock wrote this investigative report for Alternet., revealing how Rand Corp.’s “expert” on North Korea, Bruce Bennett, consulted with Sony and the producers to shape the propaganda elements in this controversial film that bombed at the box office in 2014.  Shorrock tells how Sony CEO Michael Lynton, an Obama ally and director of Rand, brought Bennett in to advise on the film’s climax, which depicts the assassination of the North Korean leader by 2 American stoners.

We discuss how Hollywood has aligned with the intelligence community on films like this and Zero Dark Thirty, and that moviegoers are unaware of the collusion.  Shorrock also raises serious doubt that North Korea was responsible for the hack of Sony networks and release of embarrassing emails, which your humble host sees as practice for the Russian hack narrative of recent months.

Shorrock also comments on the passage of new sanctions by the UN Security Council, and the news that South Korea has a commando team whose mission is to “decapitate” Kim Jong Un.